Elevate Your Living Space With These Homegrown Interior Décor Brands
L: Pure Concept ; R: Leah Singh

Elevate Your Living Space With These Homegrown Interior Décor Brands

Like fashion, interior design trends have undergone noticeable changes over the years. We can see how different the decor is today from our grandparents’ houses. Just by looking at living rooms that are considered a focal point of a house, designed to make an impression we can see that we’ve come a long way from the colourful wall patterns, rich textures and shag carpets of the 70s to the neutral walls in muted grey and beige tones, and Scandinavian Minimalism of today that makes up a considerably more industrial aesthetic.

As the population rises, apartment buildings are built with a homogenous design with practicality in mind that doesn’t really focus on the interiors. They are modern and even futuristic but often lack character. More people are looking at the past for design inspiration, resulting in retro lifestyles that place a greater emphasis on their own cultural tastes rather than maintaining a status quo.

These home décor brands from India focus on bringing colour back to our living spaces.

Image Courtesy: Pure Concept

I. The Pure Concept

Co-founded in 2012 by Chanya Kaur and Dalbir Singh, The Pure Concept has now been rebranded as The Pure Concept for Nilaya by Asian paints. It has been nurtured into an internationally successful brand with quality and creativity being the driving force behind producing forward-thinking and unique furnishing fabrics for homes.

They have some of the most stunning cushions and elegantly draped fabrics, each intricately designed and beautiful in its own way.

You can check out their collection here.

Image Courtesy: Leah Singh

II. Leah Singh

The combination of geometric forms and vibrant colour on handmade textiles using traditional Indian craft techniques makes for an enticing array of offerings from Leah Singh. Textures, colours and layers are at the forefront of this label.

Leah, who grew up in India before moving to New York to study Industrial Design at the Parsons School of Design, attributes her design sensibilities to her diverse upbringing; blending the rich cultural heritage of India with the more structured and minimal aesthetic of western architecture. She works closely with artisans in villages all over India, each known for their native traditional art of embroidery, weaving, printing, and crafting everything from throws and tapestries to bags and rugs.

You can go through her collections here.

Image Courtesy: Anhad Craft

III. Anhad Craft

Anhad translates to ‘limitless’ or as their website puts it, “An eternal resonance that transcends space and time, a sound that has no beginning or end.”

Founders Jaya Kanwar and Balbir Singh Dasila started Anhad Craft as the stage for their creativity; working with age-old techniques and talented craftsmen to create stunning pieces to drape our homes with. They believe that “The soul of Anhad is identified with Khadi, hand spun and hand woven, hand block and screen printed, and hand stitched home textiles”. Their designs are traditional, where the so-called imperfections are nuances that add to the beauty. Though not restricted to indigo, they are certain of its timeless and charming look that manifests in their beautiful home linen collections.

You can check them out here.

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