Nuru Karim's Parametric Bookworm Pavillion Is Homegrown Ecological Urbanism In Action

BookWorm Pavillion
BookWorm PavillionLivin Spaces

Architectural designs are not only influenced by the styles of an era but also mediums. The digital platforms that are used today have aided in an inevitable refinement of design processes, fueled by prototyping, allowing engineers and designers to rethink their approaches. Architectural prototyping, 3D modeling, and design, for example, have seen new, daring approaches in the past few decades that are today characterized by parametric design.

Parametric design is a method where features are shaped according to algorithmic processes, in contrast to being designed directly. Prototype structures are created by algorithms that work within the set parameters considering aesthetics and functionality. A parametric design can be identified with shapes and forms that have a curving nature, often similar to a parabola or other flowing arcs.

Bookworm Pavilion
Bookworm PavilionLivin Spaces

It might sound too futuristic but parametric design has been around for a while. India has its own pioneer in this design field — Nuru Karim, the Founder of Nudes, a Mumbai-based firm that operates within the realm of architecture, art, and computational design.

Nudes operate as an experimental space where the team is given complete freedom to experiment with new theories and explore the endless possibilities of technology with materials and design. Nuru believes in the philosophy of "Innovate or Die". He engages design as an open system of interrelated issues ranging from architectural typology, digital methodologies, sustainability, structure, fabrication, materiality, tactility, and “a web of larger networks which are social, cultural and environmental in nature.”

Bookworm Pavilion
Bookworm PavilionLivin Spaces

The Bookworm pavilion aims to foster a sense of learning through the creation of an interactive learning space. Most library and institutional structures are often intimidating for children. The aim was to create a landscape of books which invites children to explore and learn simultaneously. Nuru's team wanted children to engage in reading as a fun activity encouraging them to pick books and read, irrespective of language. The pavilion 'worms' through the landscape to offer a unique browsing experience along a meandering pathway.

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