Elevate Your Space With Objectry’s Sleek, Classic-Modern Take On Interior Design

Coincidence bedside table, Two tier penstand
Coincidence bedside table, Two tier penstandObjectry

I have spent most of the first month of 2023 creating mood boards and researching colour palettes for my home renovation. Personally, it feels like a renaissance. My senses have been blown-open to the rich and luscious paradigm of design and I've never felt so creatively rejuvenated. I know now, by experience, that crafting my own space is one of the greatest medium of self-expression and an exploration of my identity.

This project has also made me aware of the visual language of design and the evergoing communication between objects and space.

Working with the same communicative relationship of material and forms, a design brand is experimenting with form and the properties of different materials, whilst exploring different techniques, in order to make basic, everyday things interesting. Objectry was established in 2015 with a driving force to find joy and celebrate the simplicity of design. It stands for the sensibility that allows a material to lend itself to the design. Simply put, Objectry is where form and material harmoniously merge and emerge as simple things designed to be used effortlessly every day.

Concrete shelf, Ball mug
Concrete shelf, Ball mugObjectry

Helmed by and leading the design for the brand is Aanchal Goel, Founder & Creative Head at Objectry. She draws inspiration from everything around us and uses this inspiration to craft designs that complement the materials, making beautiful discoveries along the way. Having started with lifestyle-based products and accessories, Objectry has also extended its catalogue into furniture.

Cone dining table, Dot square dining table
Cone dining table, Dot square dining tableObjectry

Fuelled by her curiosity, Aanchal works collaboratively with her team of carpenters and artisans and reinterprets the connections between the natural materials she chooses to work with, all inspired from her surroundings and experiences and her label’s designs. All this and more resonates in the label’s creative space and store in New Delhi. Aanchal’s vision for the future of Objectry is perpetually redefining. As each of her ideas branch out as part of the label’s many collections, she hopes to further expand its offerings into newer products, with a similar aesthetic that evoke a sublime sense of happiness in their functionality.

Double circle clock, Fox outline bowl
Double circle clock, Fox outline bowlObjectry

Objectry’s furniture and decor make one’s relationships with common objects more engaging. Crafted in geometric shapes, crisp curves, and clean lines where the geometry of the objects speaks for itself – one can take one’s time with their details, with a child-like curiosity. The products are created with the help of skilful traditional craftspeople and artisans, using natural resources found locally. The end result is a diverse range of items — from cups to cupboards — rooted in modern Indian design that’s contemporary and utilitarian. The brand’s work is a testament to the fact that handmade need not necessarily mean irregular; irregularities are not imperfections, but the very nuanced nature of a transferred touch.

Tree tier trolley, Neck side table
Tree tier trolley, Neck side tableObjectry

The brand has a massive inventory spread across different collections offering a variety of classic-modern products from desks and organisers, to cutlery and hardware. The designs at Objectry have a pleasing geometric aesthetic and its native materials and crafts make them culturally relevant for the consumers as well. A play of geometry and textures, the brand's creations make a it good fit for the Modern Indian homes.

You can check out their products here.