3rd Migration Creates Artisanal Clothing Inspired By South Asian Heritage & British Subcultures

3rd Migration Creates Artisanal Clothing Inspired By South Asian Heritage & British Subcultures

Meet the luxury artisanal brand combining culture and couture to bring a refreshing narrative in the world of fashion. At its core, 3rd Migration is a British artisanal project mixing south Asian heritage with a British identity.

The culturally sound brand is run by Asim Khan, a British born designer, artist and creative whose designs embody a cultural exploration of his South Asian background and British upbringing. Bridging the gap between two distinct cultures by harnessing together traditional textiles and modern-day aesthetics, the label’s designs are grounded in research-based on provenance and materiality.

About The Artist

Khan’s career as a designer has been illustrious and well known globally. A Royal College of Art alumni, he applied his knowledge of fashion menswear in the industry and has worked under the guidance of fashion gurus like Ike Rust and stylist Simon Foxton. His career graph saw a jump upon being recruited as a creative textile developer by Stone Island. Stepping up to his creative role and using the resources at his disposal, Khan set out to master his own creative process and textile research.

He launched his own studio, Asimworks in Manchester in 2018. Currently, Khan works with renowned names in the industry such as Harris Tweed Hebrides, Matthew Williams at Alyx, Apple, Dormeuil, Ecco Leather, and Cote et Ciel.

Early Beginnings

Growing up as a first-generation British-South Asian in the north of England during the 1980s, the designer draws heavy inspiration from his childhood home, stories and ancestral heritage. Surreal imagery, Mughal mosaics, embroidered clothing, and heavily decked floral wallpapers of his childhood home are evident influences in his collections.

While his familial influences left a deep impression, the streets of North England opened him up to a plethora of strong identities and subcultures like the punks, skinheads, and goths. Fascinated by the contrasting impressions of his early days, the designer set to build an inter-marriage of British South Asian culture, textiles and aesthetics.

Design Approach

A design approach soaked in ethical sensibility and an eye for detail, Khan opts for an interactive design approach that involves teaming up with artisanal handloom weavers and craftspeople across the globe. From South Asian handloom weavers to Japanese Indigo Dyers, Khan breathes new life into age-old production techniques and textiles by opting for a modern interpretation of culturally rich vestments.

Above all, 3rd Migration stands at the crossroad of an emerging cross-culture exploring material, sustainable fashion and artisanal luxury.

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