AB! & Kayan's New Music Video Captures The Exhilarating Beginning Of Love

'Oh Hi!' captures the exhilarating essence of a budding romantic relationship.
'Oh Hi!' captures the exhilarating essence of a budding romantic relationship. Abhishek Gandhi

Born in Bombay, AB! is a 21-year-old artist and composer with a deep affinity for various musical genres.

Abhishek Gandhi or AB!'s latest music video for the song 'Oh Hi!' featuring Kayan seems to encapsulate the exhilarating essence of a budding romantic relationship. The video appears to portray the initial stages of love, filled with excitement, nervousness, and the thrill of the "honeymoon phase". The visuals seem to capture the youthful and carefree nature of young love, showcasing elements like pillow fights, teasing, and tender moments of whispering.

The upbeat and fast-paced nature of the song complements the theme of the video, enhancing the sense of energy and enthusiasm that typically accompanies new relationships. This choice of a vibrant and lively sound might be indicative of the rush of emotions experienced in the beginning stages of falling for someone

Directed by Bhagyesh Rajeshirke, the incorporation of fun visuals further emphasises the playful and joyful aspects of young love. The music video likely utilises a combination of dynamic scenes, popping colours, and perhaps unconventional or creative editing techniques to amplify the song's themes and emotions, making it visually engaging and relatable to viewers.

Given AB!'s diverse influences spanning genres like hyper-pop, rap, and alternative indie, it's possible that these influences play a role in the eclectic blend of sounds and styles presented in both the song and its corresponding visuals. The music video might showcase a fusion of these genres, creating a unique and refreshing listening and viewing experience for the audience.

In the 'Oh Hi!' music video with AB!, Kayan brings out her heartfelt singing style, drawing inspiration from artists like Jorja Smith and Kali Uchis, bringing forth the essence of youthful romance. Beyond her musical talents, Kayan embodies various roles — singer, producer-DJ, model, actor, and voiceover artist. Her alter ego symbolises her diverse musical ambitions, exploring soul, electronic, pop, and R&B genres with grace and versatility.

AB! is driven by a passion to continually evolve and refine his sound, aspiring to push creative boundaries and explore new musical horizons in his forthcoming releases.

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