ALO WALA's Latest Single Is A Fiery Fusion Of Sounds From Around The World


ALO WALA is no stranger to creating club hits that pull sonic influences from different corners of the world. The American-Indian MC and singer ALO WALA brings the heat once again with her latest single, ‘Dutty Hot’, released via Azadi Records. Paving a path unique to her nomadic ways of being, she accesses her roots with a futuristic outlook for this track.

Watch the music video below.

‘Dutty Hot’ features an experimental yet cohesive fusion of  eclectic sounds, ranging from the timbre of the Anatolian flute to a heavy bassline on the hook which is reminiscent of old school UK Garage. The choppy, reggae-inspired flow adopted by ALO WALA urges listeners to embrace their inner journey and transform the flames within. Produced by Satori Stereo Saiyan, the track channels the late 80s and early 90s, incorporating elements of classic hip-hop and dancehall into its distinctive sound. 

ALO WALA shared her process to capture the unique sound with us:

DUTTY HOT was spontaneous and came together quickly...It was literally made in the heat of the moment. I was with Satori Stereo Saiyan in Italy during a heatwave, midsummer. It was 43 Degrees and for me, after so many Scandinavian summers, I simply can’t think in that heat. I was hot yet still I devoured a bowl of chili pasta, because no matter the temperature I love a spicy meal, so my insides were on fire too. It was in that feeling, hot on hot, a total mind-melt situation, that this song was made. Musically it’s simple but heavy. I love that. We built the track together, let the bass do it’s thing and the flute brings a subtle nod to the East, that almost always happens in our songs. I wrote the lyrics quickly without thinking much, only feeling. It reminds me how magical things can happen when you don’t think too much. It'’s raw and real and I think that resonates with folks. There’s also a subtext that isn’t about physical heat, but fire as an element. I definitely have a lot of fire inside of me, and that’s not a bad thing. In fact, by learning how to transmute the fire inside you, you can do crazy beautiful things. How to use the fire inside you is a study, I’m on the mission. We can definitely talk about that another time… the key is not to burn out.


ALO WALA's artistry on 'Dutty Hot' showcases her ability to blend cultural influences and push boundaries. Owing to its bold energy and unforgettable bassline, 'Dutty Hot' is a must-listen for anyone who has an ear out for free-form and genre-bending music. With her upcoming album release slated for this year, listeners can look forward to even more groundbreaking music.