An Otherworldly Couple Finds Love In Chandigarh In Sangram Malik's New Music Video

Gul Hai Gulshan
Gul Hai Gulshan Sangram Malik

Chandigarh-based singer-songwriter Sangram Malik is renowned for his poignant and heartfelt lyrics and his ability to forge a deep connection with his listeners through the sheer simplicity of his words. His music resonates with the human experience, delving into vulnerable emotions and unfiltered authenticity. With each gentle strum of his guitar strings, Sangram weaves an intricate tapestry of soulful melodies that have the power to enrapture anyone who lends an ear. His compositions are a harmonious blend of introspection and passion, inviting listeners on a profound musical journey.

Following a series of music videos that utilize visionary aesthetics for imaginary storytelling, is his latest video for the track Gul Hai Gulshan directed by photographer & creative director Farheen Fatima that takes viewers on a mesmerising journey through a quirky and heartwarming narrative. Unfolding amidst the vast expanses of the cosmos, two anthropomorphized creatures from a distant land embark on a quest to find their own place of belonging. Their path leads them to the quaint town of Chandigarh, where their search for home intertwines with the blossoming of their relationship. Nanki Dandona and Gurkamal Shergill deliver captivating performances as the unnamed protagonists, adding depth and emotion to their characters. 

Gul Hai Gulshan - Sangram Malik
Gul Hai Gulshan - Sangram MalikSangram Malik

As the protagonists navigate the intricacies of life on Earth, the music video showcases their enchanting encounters with various aspects of the environment. From the diverse wildlife inhabiting the bustling commercial districts to the serene parks, the couple finds themselves adapting to these distinct elements. Funnily enough, they also find themselves quite literally physically adjusting to the unique geometric architecture, courtesy of Le Corbusier that defines Chandigarh.

Shot brilliantly by the talented videographer Abhinav Sharma, the music video transcends plays on the lines between a music video and a short film. Drawing heavy inspiration from classic films like La La Land and the timeless color palettes of Wes Anderson, the visual aesthetics evoke a nostalgic and dreamlike atmosphere. The narrative intertwines the childlike fantasy of 'what if?' with the profound exploration of a romantic relationship, resulting in an immersive experience that radiates the warmth of love.

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