Listen To A New Atmospheric, 80s-Themed Single By Hashbass & Warren Mendosa

Infinite Worlds
Infinite WorldsHashbass & Warren Mendosa

One of India’s premier bass guitarists, the New Delhi-born and Mumbai-based Hashbass aka Harshit Mishra is also one of the independent scene’s most prolific musicians. After a highly-regarded showcase House of Hashbass at Lollapalooza 2023 in January and arranging ‘Holi Re Rasiya’, the Maithili Thakur x Seedhe Maut x Ravi Kishan x Mahan track for Coke Studio Bharat in February, Hashbass is now back with his own production, the synth-laden Infinite Worlds.

Featuring his favourite collaborator Warren Mendonsa of Blackstratblues’ on guitar, the punchy synths of Infinite Worlds work as a time machine transporting you to a world of video game arcades, roller blades and neon lights. Infinite Worlds with that wobble bassline is Harshit’s homage to the 80s. “I stumbled upon this bass sound and created the bassline, and since I’m such a big 80s music lover, quickly came the synth chords and drums. And it soon became Infinite Worlds,” he recounts. Another highlight of the track is the guitar solo by Mendonsa, who Harshit regards as one of his greatest blessings.

The layered production in this track is a testament to the mastery of both artists, as they skillfully incorporate a wide range of sonic elements to craft an immersive, hypnotic atmosphere. The pulsating bassline takes center stage, providing a solid foundation for the infectious groove. Throughout the track, the vocals are subtly integrated, their haunting and emotive quality enhancing the overall ambiance. The psychedelic rock guitar solo and driving synthwave basslines come together in this expansive and decadent track.

Listen to Infinite Worlds here.