Parth Pawar's Art Is A Psychedelic Intersection Of Queer & Genderfluid Identity

Elphaba, Nebulous
Elphaba, NebulousParth Pawar

Constructing visual expressions of gender, queerness, body dysmorphia and Dalit identities, Parth Pawar AKA artwalahoe is a Dalit non binary artist and co-founder & art director of a South Asian queer magazine 'The Phosphene Magazine'. Their art is a result of their self-exploration and self-expression aiming to spread awareness and give voice to folks like them.

Parth Pawar
Parth PawarParth Pawar

Parth not only creates illustrations and NFTs of their art but also lends their visions to other art projects like articles and poetry that explore mental health, femininity, body dysmorphia, sexuality and the interplay of queer and Dalit identities. They use a psychedelic and cultural style to create characters that through surrealism empower self love and acceptance.

Parth Pawar
Parth PawarParth Pawar

Parth's art is a subversive, dreamlike amalgamation of anxietites and aspirations of living as a Dalit, queer person in a world that holds little space for both identities due to its normative homophobic and casteist structure. They also strongly advocate for body positivity and men's mental health, frequently revisiting and encouraging everything self-love; from depicting body hair, femininity and the tenderness of human form in their art.

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