Hautewulf’s Music Video Is A Sci-Fi-Tinged Visual Journey Into The Year 2600

PUNK 2.0
PUNK 2.0Hautewulf

Apart from being a whole universe of its own, music has always acted as a dependable storytelling device in movies. Setting up the tone and atmosphere, supporting the emotional arc, and driving the pace and rhythm of a story, the score of a movie helps create an experience of a scene. Adapting the same relationship of audio-visual storytelling, a homegrown artist has created a singular piece of work using his sound as the driver in a futuristic narrative fiction.

Hautewulf, the metal/jazz musician turned conceptual electronic artist and producer was always a fan of video games and anime growing up which also inspired his latest single 'PUNK 2.0'. Released with a music video, the track is supported by a comic-style story of the year 2600 on Earth. The entire project is a on-man show with the concept, story, direction, editing, music production, mix and mastering by Hautewulf himself.

The track took 3 years to complete. The idea started with the debut single 'I'm the baddest punk here' back in 2020. The artist sold his car and took put personal loans to meet the high budget of making an animated music video but the project came to a halt due to the pandemic and never really worked out. After a 2-year delay, Hautewulf reached out to his friend, filmmaker/visual artist Akshay Chandra, who helped him with the animation for the video along with Illustrator Vibhas Virwani created the universe and characters for the original storyline.

The music video for PUNK 2.0 is a sci-fi story that transpires between three characters — Dr Bruce, Barak and Hecate 500 years into the future with interplanetary wars and space visually synchronizing with the artist's soundtrack to create a cohesive experience.

You can watch the video below.