Aryaman Ray's Homegrown Film Explores The Tenderness Of Young Love

Our Share In Time
Our Share In TimeAryaman Ray

The idea of love in present times is often clouded by misconceptions, overt romanticism and grand displays of affection. However the feeling at its core is a rather gentle and simplistic expression that seeks for vulnerability. It is pronounced in moments of silence when people are allowed to embrace such pauses in order to introspect. Capturing the experience of young love, Aryaman Ray, an up and coming filmmaker attempts to highlight the delicate unfolding of vulnerable moments between two lovers through his film ‘Our Share In Time’. 

The young writer, director, editor, cinematographer, sound designer and producer believes that all the information that one needs can be found in books, the internet and in life itself. Treating the world as an open playground of imagination, Ray is a hands-on learner who comes from a middle class family and utilises the limited resources to create this fictional world. His unique journey did not start in a film school but instead via exploring his way into the industry by directing music videos, assisting people and really accepting any job that came his way in order to learn the needed skills. 

“I shot the entire film with the camera that I have owned for more than six years now, which we had originally purchased after selling my mom's jewellery. I had to improvise and make do with other resources, by asking our neighbourhood kirana dukan (grocery shop) owner for permission to shoot, he's been a long time friend so thankfully agreed to it no time. I also uploaded a random Instagram story for a casting call and was fortunate enough to have exactly two people reply to it, who ended up acting in my film, seeking no remuneration in return.”

Aryaman Ray

Hence the film is grounded in reality and speaks to the common man through an empathetic portrayal of both love and attachment. It showcases a slow yearning and longing for the one soul that agrees to stand still with you and experience infinity. It is a tender story of the relationship between love and time that meditates on the omnipresent affirmation of love, as it reveals itself through the veneers of time. The film is also a love letter to the world, narrating a message in today's times, that all you need is a little love in your eyes to clear out the fog that clouds your mind.

Our Share in Time is a zero budget film, made with an earnest love and passion for pushing the boundaries of conventional storytelling. It inspires young individuals to dream big and come up with new and innovative means of achieving that vision. Most importantly it encourages introspection through haunting pauses and highlights the intrinsic relationship between love and time. You can catch the film here: