Cord Cord

A Homegrown Label Embracing The Charms Of Nostalgia Through Seasonless Collections

A homegrown brand crafting season-less clothing and classic designs, Cord is reshaping the fashion industry with their quality led vintage fashion. It was established in 2015 by Pranav Guglani and Neha Singh who were on a mission to narrate poetic stories through silhouettes and work closely with Indian artisans. 

The brand has been uplifting local craft clusters and promoting more sustainable means of production. They believe that India is the richest country in terms of craft and culture, which is why our modern day lifestyles should also mimic their ethos. Cord is running a workshop for a very devoted team of gifted artisans working in the field of block printing, screen printing, hand embroidery, and stitching. 

While the world seems to be moving towards fast fashion trends, the homegrown label tends to focus on authenticity and communicating the charm of nostalgia. By launching only two collections in the year as opposed to the present day cycle of multiple collections, the brand is single handedly reducing excess fabric waste. 

Inspired by nature and fluid movements, their clothing is not only comfortable and durable but tends to blend with natural surroundings. Creating a synergy between the wearer and the environment. You can take a look at their sustainable collections here

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