How 'Oshadi Collective' Is Fostering A Sustainable, Regenerative Fashion Movement

Oshadi Collective
Oshadi CollectiveOshadi Collective

Cultivating a new fashion system that aligns with the simple ethos of ancient Indian agricultural practices and artisan heritage, ‘Oshadi’, a name taken from Sanskrit vocabulary, meaning ‘essence of nature’ or ‘healing plant’, is a small homegrown collective founded by Nishanth Chopra back in 2016. 

Based in the sustainable practices of rural India, this fashion initiative is offering a mindful approach to an industry plagued with disruptive methods of creation. They believe that all processes involved in creating clothing, from printing and dyeing to weaving and spinning, can be led back to the soil. 

The seed-to-stitch supply chain initiative works with fibres from a local farm in the village of Erode in Tamil Nadu which are further spun, naturally dyed, woven and sewn all within a ten-kilometre radius. This ensures that only regenerative farm based cotton is used and no excess waste is produced.

Additionally, they are also uplifting the local artisans and highlighting the hidden craftsmanship of the region. The interlinked process takes cues from India’s traditional manufacturing methods that originated even before the ‘Green Revolution’. A collaborative venture between the farmers and artisans, Oshadi is a one of a kind venture shaping the future of fashion consumption in India. 

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