IMWIP’s Summer Collection Personifies Self-Love, Personal Growth & Mindfulness

IMWIP’s Summer Collection Personifies Self-Love, Personal Growth & Mindfulness

Homegrown brand IMWIP (I’m Work In Progress) is a brand that uses the utility and power of fashion to make people feel accepted and appreciated. As their name suggests, they are big believers in working on yourself to be who you are happy to be, and not what others would expect. As they put it, “At IMWIP, you are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously”.

IMWIP staples come in unisex, inclusive designs that aim to participate in a larger conversation revolving around health and well-being. IMWIP clothes might be a year-round saviour but its latest collection is particularly exciting. Clothes that emulate the balance of life and embody the importance of enjoying the space between ‘where you are and where you want to be’.

The overall theme for summer-spring ‘22 is ‘Duality in progress’ which was evident in the brand’s oversized and relaxed garments that come in every colour you could wish for. What stands out, in particular, is the IMWIP shirts that depict the constant dynamics of human emotions and lived experiences and urge the wearer to celebrate their progress and be mindful of one’s personal journey.

“Our puzzle shirt depicts how emotions can co-exist and don’t always fit into nice neat little boxes, while our space t-shirt highlights how it’s important to enjoy the space between where you are and where you want to be. The ladder shirt represents the quote, ‘Sometimes it’s three steps forward and two steps back but it’s still one step ahead of where you used to be’.”    

— IMWIP on their conceptual shirts.

If it’s some new everyday wear you’re in the market for, we suggest you make a beeline for IMWIP’s latest collection. All about elegant one-pieces, fashion-forward separates and minimalist basics, it’s little surprise that the brand has become such a favourite amongst a fashion-forward demographic.

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