A Concept Store In Delhi Is Combining Homegrown Slow Fashion & Artisanal Food


A concept store, ‘Poochki Shop & Eat’, situated in the streets of Shahpur Jat, Delhi, is one of the most well-thought out design studios in India. They invite you in with the aroma of artisanal goodies and simmering food and on entering one is exposed to a number of handmade illustrations and carved artwork. 

The pet-friendly cafe is immersed into nature and provides a quaint corner for you to simply unwind.  Carrying a similar imagery and influence into their clothing, one can see that they are heavily inspired by the natural world; with each print traversing through different elements of water, air, earth, and space. 

The textile design studio was founded by Ishanee Mukherjee and Anirudh Chawla in 2015. An emphasis on the handicrafts industry is prevalent throughout their collection, which makes use of hand block techniques.

The relatively small venture is making waves in the industry by introducing India to ethical consumption by crafting an immersive experience. You can further explore their collection here

Find the brand here.

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