Deciphering The Emerging Visual Grammar Of Femininity With 5 Indian Photographers

Deciphering The Emerging Visual Grammar Of Femininity With 5 Indian Photographers
Dolly Devi, Soumya Iyer

The emergence of homegrown photographers has led to a new visual language enriched in aesthetics and narratives that are pioneering new styles of storytelling. Ranging across the emotional spectrum, the imagery produced through the female gaze is part of a refreshing new movement making space for softness, femininity and a new expression of identities.

Here are some homegrown photographers who are exploring that vision through their work.

Photos by Deepti Asthana
Photos by Deepti AsthanaDeepti Asthana

Deepti Asthana

Deepti is an independent photographer, film-maker, educator and National Geographic Explorer whose tender and strong work focuses on gender and environmental issues in traditional societies of India. She is currently documenting the water crisis in Western Himalayas and how it impacts lives of young women.

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Photos by Shibani Mitra
Photos by Shibani MitraShibani Mitra

Shibani Mitra

Shibani is a 23 year old art director and photographer born and based in the coastal town of Pondicherry who was brought up absorbing the bright-statured colours of the tropics, the palm trees, and lotus pond. As she grew up, her idea of femininity expanded and she got aware of her own internalised misogyny. Her work now is permeated by her love of flowers and the gentleness of the feminine.

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Photos by Soumya Iyer
Photos by Soumya IyerSoumya Iyer

Soumya Iyer

Soumya is a Fashion photographer and new media artist based in London who masters color photography and uses her artistic vision in capturing fashion and culture. Her visual language is centered around the theme of isolated dreamscapes and spatial designs that embody imagery inspired by everyday reality and alternate perceptions of time and memories ingrained within it.

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Photos by Uma Damle
Photos by Uma DamleUma Damle

Uma Damle

Uma is photographer, filmmaker and creative director currently based in Zürich, Switzerland. Her work draws its inspiration from the mysteries of the cosmos and the artist seeks to move people to feel emotions they can't quite put into words. Uma also make short films that allows her to explore politics, social change and the zeitgeist of our times.

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Photos by Dolly Devi
Photos by Dolly DeviDolly Devi

Dolly Devi

Dolly is a self-taught photographer based in Goa. A lot of the influences in her work come from music and movies that she consumes. Dolly believes that every music/movie movement has had a counterpart fashion trend which is still happening and that we are all a part of a very small fraction of history. The artist wholeheartedly dove into film photographer is looking forward to working on commercial projects.

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