#HGMusic: New Homegrown Releases On Our Radar This Week

New Homegrown releases on our radar.
New Homegrown releases on our radar.Aarifah ; The Siege

Welcome to New Music Monday by Homegrown, where we handpick the freshest sounds in India across all genres and regions. From pop-rock to hip hop, we’ve curated a vibe that has something for everyone.

Rent is Due by The Siege, YKSDOG, Circle Tone

If you’re looking for a way to beat the Monday Blues, tune into ‘Rent is Due’ by The Siege. The Mumbai rapper's latest release is all about the hustle to make ends meet while staying true to his artistic vision in a cutthroat industry, where selling out is the easiest way to keep the cash coming.

Backed by YKSDOG's polished Jazz-infused production and a contagious beat which is sure to give listeners the stank-face, The Siege delivers quotable lyrics charged with conviction and humour. Overall, ‘Rent is Due’ is a powerful anthem for independent artists on their grind, and is a breakthrough moment for the rapper. 

Chaska by shauharty, Natiq, unfuckman

This collaboration between shauharty, Natiq and unfuckman is an authentic representation of underground hip-hop. The smooth soul sample and shimmering beats are ear candy that you won't be able to get enough of, along with the seamless blend of old-school soul and modern hip-hop. shauharty doesn't hold back with his flow, delivering lyrics that keep you locked in. 

Chaska is a great entry-point to the rich and textured sounds that are bubbling in the underground hip-hop circuit.

You can listen to Chaska here.

Anyway by Aarifah

Bittersweet piano chords and a moving story to tell; Mumbai-based singer songwriter Aarifah paints a picture that hits home for those looking for hope while picking up the pieces. The track opens with Aarifah's poignant storytelling with Zain Calcuttawala’s minimal piano and transitions to a nostalgic pop-rock sound that dominated the early 2000s.  The accompanying guitar and drums only elevate Aarifah’s glimmer of hope when all feels lost. 

Aarifah's second solo release ‘Anyway’ strikes a perfect balance between hearty and approachable, showcasing her talent as a skilled songwriter and vocalist.

You can listen to Anyway here.

Monké by wolf.cryman 

Singer, songwriter and comedian wolf.cryman’s satirical take on life’s rat-race is the perfect way to unwind and take a step back. 

Wolf.cryman collaborates with producer Faizan Rahman and filmmaker Yung Waris to create a feel-good melodic track which is coupled with a goofy music video that keeps it light-hearted. As the artist switches between his playful and infectious hook to rap about how unserious everything really is, the song serves as a great reminder to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. 

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