#HGMusic: Start Your Week With Some New Releases From DRV, Boyblanck, & More


Welcome to Homegrown's New Music Monday, the ultimate destination for discovering the week's hottest releases across all genres. Each Monday, we curate a handpicked and homegrown selection of fresh sounds. This week features indie, trap, and more!

The Last Leaf by Qafilah x 30KEY!

Kashmiri rapper Qafilah, has once again demonstrated his lyrical prowess and socially-conscious themes in his latest collaboration with producer 30KEY!, titled ‘The Last Leaf’. 

30KEY!'s production adds an eerie touch to the track, with slow drums providing a mesmerizing rhythm, accompanied by haunting whistling that creates an introspective atmosphere for Qafilah’s Urdu verses to shine through. The interval saxophone solos further elevate the composition, adding melodic breaks that enhance the overall depth of the song. The track solidifies Qafilah’s position as one of the most prominent flag bearers of Koshur hip-hop. 

When You’re Around by Jaden Maskie

Jaden Maskie, an indie artist from Goa, India, has released a new song titled ‘When You're Around’ from his EP ‘Means So Much’. The track is a whimsical and feel-good tune that captures the essence of a long-distance relationship. With soothing vocals and a charming guitar riff, the song has a coming-of-age sound that feels nostalgic. Jaden's heartfelt delivery and enchanting melodies create a cosy and uplifting experience, showcasing his artistry. 

Bandana by Baby Jean

‘Bandana’ by Baby Jean showcases the undeniable talent and infectious energy of the artist from Malappuram, Kerala. This track stands out not only for its catchy beat selection but also for Baby Jean's deadpan delivery and ridiculously good flow.

With a confident presence and an effortless command over the mic, Baby Jean effortlessly navigates through the verses, leaving a lasting impression as he spits bars in Malayalam.

Zameen Se by DRV and Boyblanck

The latest track from Boyblanck and DRV, ‘Zameen Se’ has garnered significant hype from the hip-hop scene. This highly anticipated release is a preview of their upcoming album, ‘Multani Mitti’ and showcases their growth since their previous collaboration on ‘Desktop’. The duo's mastery of the trap genre is evident in the polished and refined signature sounds featured in ‘Zameen Se’. This latest release is a testament to Boyblanck and DRV's artistic synergy and their ability to consistently deliver quality music. Keep an ear out for their forthcoming project ‘Multani Mitti’.

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