Homegrown House And Techno EPs & Albums Pioneering Bold New Musical Directions
L: Ash Roy, R: Abhi Maisekar

Homegrown House And Techno EPs & Albums Pioneering Bold New Musical Directions

I am so tired of people mistaking EDM for its pop culture, mainstream representation of the predictable corny, build-up and head bangable drops which you can probably picture right now. Electronic Dance Music is that infamous umbrella term which holds under it the richest sounds of techno, deeptech, organic house, jungle, synthwave, dream punk, dark electro, acid trance, and probably a hundred other micro-genres with thousands of small and big-time record labels representing them. I'm talking about the EDM where each track is carefully crafted by producers spending days on it, to bar-by-bar build a sound palace that you can visit and visualize like it was a monument. People who have been sucked into the rabbit hole of rave culture know how grand and abundant this universe is.

No shade, but it's easy to fall into the tropes of EDM with tracks like Lean On and I'm Losing It playing on repeat every where you go. I'm sure that style has its own fans but if you wish to dig deeper and experience the full potential of Electronic Dance Music, and for dance-music nerds, Homegrown has curated a list of the latest EPs and albums by Indian producers ranging from organic house and melodic techno to hypnotic deep-tech.

Ash Roy

Ash Roy's illustrious 20-year career has seen him perform around the world, including Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Bahrain and more. His style ranges from tech-house and minimal techno to techno. Founder of the immensely popular electronica band — Jalebee Cartel, Ash also owns the rapidly growing underground dance music record label — Soupherb Records through which he released his latest EP, 'Cutting Chai'.

This three-tracker, dancefloor ripper flaunts the hypnotic sounds a techno head loves, with traces of psy-techno floating around the soundscape.

You can listen to the EP here.

Jay Pei

Jay Pei is a Delhi-based producer and DJ who has pioneered his own sound by combining the worlds of analogue and digital . Building his music and sets upon rhythmic foundations of the 4/4 groove, Jay's more recent experimentation has been towards integrating cinematic elements into the atmospheric soundscapes of his set.

Like with his latest EP with Qilla Records, 'Last Of The Light'. The 4-track EP is a world of reverberating ethereal textures decorating thumping draw of drums and low-end, without depending on the tropes and the typical sounds of dance music but within its realm.

Listen to it here.

Monkey Space

Monkey Space has been a DJ since he was 14. He has spent years honing his skills in mixing and production. His eclectic track selection, unique style and infectious personality has captivated many hearts and his music library spans nearly every genre of club music that he has the exceptional ability to mix in and out of.

Monkey Space has spent the last year working on his EP which was recently released with Subtrail Records. It contains two original tracks with two remixes from Tarun Shahani and Calm Chor.

Listen to it here.

Hamza Rahimtulla

Hailing from New Delhi, Hamza Rahimtulla has attained a reputation as a pioneer of the house scene in India and one of the more innovative and exciting producers today. His music fuelled by the deepest funk-flecked and tribal-leaning dance sounds is a result of his travels around the world along with his exposure to DJs like Terry Francis Mothersole and more.

Wind Horse — a label he runs, has also firmly established itself as a benchmark supplier of fusion dance grooves. His latest album with the same is the 5th edition of his iconic 'Banjara Series' capturing his long-standing fascination with indigenous global rhythms and world music. After Turkey, Mali, Spain & South America and Tibet, this album features sounds influenced by India.

Listen to it here.

Abhi Maisekar

Abhi Maisekar is a budding music producer from Hyderabad who has been successful in trying his hands on various instruments. His music speaks about his belief in peace and spirituality. Abhi usually plays downtempo, disco and funk music and has performed at popular dance music destinations like House of Chapora in Goa and Giggle Water, Block 22 and Olive Bistro in Hyderabad.

He released his latest EP with Kośa Records called Khajurao. It is an aural representation of the ornate Khajuraho group of monuments which are among the finest medieval monuments in the country. The deep-tech style of the tracks create the same intricate, organic patterns in the listeners' mind that can be found on the temples, creating a chill-rave atmosphere sonically capturing the essence of India's spirituality.

Listen to the EP here.

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