Homegrown Year In Review – Our Best Articles Of 2018 You Shouldn’t Miss

Homegrown Year In Review – Our Best Articles Of 2018 You Shouldn’t Miss

With 2018 drawing to a close, it’s that time of the season where we step back and evaluate everything that we’ve experienced this year. The year’s headlines provided infinite fodder for both celebration and despair, and for better or for worse, there was never a dull moment for the Homegrown team.

From giving voice to the country’s bubbling youth population and sub-cultures, mapping the burgeoning art world, political and social upheavals, to dancing to the victories tunes of India’s queer community, 2018 seems to have been equal parts triumph and train wreck.

As we continue on our mission to bring to our reader’s path-breaking stories and narratives, today we bring to you a collection of our very best work before we plunge into our year-end celebrations. Join us in acknowledging not just the efforts of the Homegrown team but all those who stepped forward to share their voices with us and our readers.

On an eerily silent night, we visited the Tamil community that resides in the seedy lanes of Dharavi. With more than 3,00,000 idlis being produced each day, these slum-dwellers are probably the biggest suppliers of the city.

In a country where nudity is almost criminal, these nude art models are surviving against all odds.

From loving thy penis to complaining about “too much foreskin”, 140 Indian men open up about the vulnerability that comes with being sexual.

In the face of every unrealistic beauty standard that is so deeply entrenched in our minds, we indulged in a little photo series that gives life to the deeply fascinating stories behind stretch marks.

Women like Shabana Azmi, Deepti Naval and Smita Patil redefined womanhood beyond just a thin waistline and blemish-free skin. We look back on Indian Parallel cinema and all the female role models it gave us.

While the modern, urban woman is repeatedly told she can do anything, it lasts only as long as her single-hood doesn’t. We profiled deeply personal journeys of some of these women who are comfortable admitting that they’re longing for love, as far as its on their own terms.

From struggling with long distance and enjoying the chase of dating apps to laughing about in-person flirting, three queer couples let us into their little world of love and longing.

Photographed by Samrat Nagar

Fleeing persecution in their homeland, the Afghan community has rebuilt their lines little by little in the lanes of Lajpat Nagar. Through food, language and friendships, their shared experiences are making it more a bit more like home. Our writer explores the lanes of Delhi’s ‘Little Kabul’, meeting interesting people with even more fascinating stories.

Indian rap is especially unique because of how intersectional and diverse Indian identity is. The young rappers of India today are bold and irreverent, while fearless using their platforms to highlight issues and causes they believe in. Here’s looking at just some of the voices in India’s growing rap and hip-hop movement.

Armed with the slickest sneakers, seasonally changing hair-colour and the right attitude, we tip our hats to the North-East Indian artists at the forefront of the growing street style movement in what is perhaps one of the most fashion-forward regions of the country.

Homegrown put together a handy East Indian food guide to Mumbai for the adventurous eaters. From home chefs to lesser-known restaurants and roadside food stalls, add the much-needed piquancy to your otherwise bland palates.

In our digital are of curated social media personalities and perfect filters, artist Kaviya Ilango captures the aspects of our lives that we don’t Instagram. Our daily discomforts, anxieties, awkwardness and more – she encourages every to air their dirty laundry.

Artwork by Kaviya Ilango

The sounds of a young Farrokh Balsara still echo in the halls of St. Peter’s School in Panchgani, Maharashtra. We look at a lesser-known influence of music icon Freddie Mercury’s childhood in India.

BTS, Exo and Twice have become household names in the growing K-pop fandom in India. Homegrown curates a list of resources for the Indian k-pop lover, ranging from where to get merchandise to proudly flaunt your fandom to learning more about the country’s culture.

How do trust and love blossom when the roles of caregiving are reversed? We explore the realities of young Indians who serve as the support system for their parents in their struggle with mental illness. From the tender moments of love to the days that push you to a breaking point.

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