In An Ode To Childlike Wonder, A Homegrown Photoseries Reimagines Everyday Objects

Mohit Vijh
Mohit VijhMohit Vijh

"Little did we know that one day we will look back at the little things we did in the past and realise, they were the big things".

- Robert Brault

There is something truly enviable in our younger counterparts' imaginations that we as adults yearn to reconnect with; with the same childlike wonder all throughout our lives. These mental castles of imaginitive passion utilise everyday items that seem rather mundane to most and breathe life into them by employing curiosity and wonder. It's funny how these childhood memories also influence how we see and perceive the world around us as adults and shape our lives. 

Each one of us holds onto such memories of us as kids, playing dress-up with clothes and objects around to further create imagined narratives and dress ourselves as fictional characters. As part of these fantastical worlds, every item in our home was reimagined. Our mother's dupattas became sarees, scarves on our heads were reimagined as long tresses, a towel on our shoulder became a superhero cape while fresh sheets were used to build grand forts. 

Through a recent photo series photographer Mohit Vijh and stylist Isha Yogi tried to recreate a similar childhood memory where an everyday item– a quilt has been reimagined and draped around the body as an element of grandeur; a royal mantle. The images resemble portraits of Indian kings and queens, stripped off their material possessions, yet similar in terms of body language, stance and poise. 

Photographer: Mohit Vijh 

Styling and Makeup: Isha Yogi

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