Inclusivity On Instagram: Users Can Now Add Pronouns In A Dedicated Bio Field

Inclusivity On Instagram: Users Can Now Add Pronouns In A Dedicated Bio Field
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It has been a long-standing misconception that we must live in a world of binaries –– good and bad, black and white, man and woman. Humans are way more complex than two extremes. In a range of possibilities and even exceptions, we are more than what primitive labels decided.

Pronouns are a large part of our identity –– sticking to the ‘he/she’ binary is a way to outcast and ignore the existence of gender identities across the board. A simple way of addressing and acknowledging is responsible for recognising and affirming one’s identity –– it creates space for those that have been living with a lack of it for far too long.

In an attempt to normalise the use of correct pronouns, social media platform Instagram announced via Twitter that they are adding a field in the bio section dedicated for one’s pronouns. The feature is available in only a few countries as of now, and allows up to four pronouns to be added.

According to The Guardian, the company said that the pronouns may be added or removed at any given time, and users may also fill out a form in case they want more pronouns to be added. Users may also choose to share these pronouns with just their followers or display it publicly. For those under the age of 18, the pronouns will be kept limited to their follower list.

This feature marks a step towards a more accepting and welcoming society for the LGBTQ+ community. It also pushes us to think beyond the binary and open ourselves to more inclusive trains of thought. One’s identity is, at times, all one has, and properly addressing it is the least we can do.

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