Indigo: Dot's Latest Single Lays The Foundation For Her Artistic Evolution

Dot Dot

Even in today’s world of complex and expensive music production, an ethereal voice backed with good lyrics and a single instrument can do wonders. A perfect example would be Dot’s breakthrough song Everybody Dances to Techno, released six years ago. It’s a song about being mesmerized by Latin dance for quite some time, but unable to find a partner with whom she can’t help falling in love. The piece, with its old-world charm, reflects her fondness for a vintage musical style. A youtube video of her rehearsing the song went viral, having impressed music listeners from across the country and that was the kickstart to her musical career.

Today, Aditi Saigal aka Dot is quite popular in the indie music scene. Her first EP Khamotion came out a couple of years back, and since then, she has released a few singles and has collaborated with other talented Indian artists. Her recent collaboration with Chirag Todi was a jaunty melodic track called Spiced Lemonade (Listen to it here). Even though Dot has been around and making music for quite some time, it’s only her studio releases that have found their way to streaming platforms.

A week ago, Dot released her latest track Indigo, much to her fans' delight. The quaint charm that was present, when she released her first song on Youtube six years back is still retained in Indigo, with added polish to the music production. Indigo is a concoction of sensitive and evocative songwriting, combined with lo-fi drums, guitar, and her beautiful voice, and has created a new sonic ground for Dot. Even then, her fans feel right at home with her latest release.

The chorus of the song goes like this:

"Let go, let go

Wrap yourself in indigo

Just take it slow

In the terracotta glow."

"This song is about letting go of what other people might think of your writing; to try and simply live in the world you’ve created. To wander the marketplaces, palaces, and forests you've built."


The musical arrangement is quite brilliant and the song follows a distinct steady melodic pace throughout the song but when the chorus strikes, the music bursts into a bigger exultation. To me, she makes the color Indigo, seem like a safety blanket, which shelters us from the reality of the world around us. The song evokes positivity born out of self-reflection and lays the foundation for Dot’s artistic evolution. She is expanding her musical repertoire while retaining its original design. Besides music, Dot is also breaking new grounds as she ventures into the world of cinema by starring in an upcoming Zoya Akhtar film, which is a Netflix rendition of The Archies.

Listen to the song below:

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