‘Wyd Tonight’: Instrumentalist Rishab Sharma Brings The Sitar To Modern Lo-Fi

Rishab Sharma
Rishab SharmaRishab Sharma

A recent music video explores the awkward ‘ice’ that exists between all of us as strangers as we persistently try to break it in the age of e-communication. The track by Sitar prodigy, titled 'wyd Tonight?' also features New Delhi based Lo-Fi Producer, Rajkanwar Sodhi. The official music video, shot at multiple locations across India by Shabad Sarin, ushers in a new wave of Sitar based-music, amalgamating it with modern Lo-Fisounds.

Packed with sounds that one would hear at dusk, the track evokes feelings of romanticism. It pivots on the instance of a first date, where the protagonist sits across the table with a seemingly shy girl, focussing on her awkwardness and his persistence. As the story develops, the oscillation of emotions between the one who approaches and the person to be approached in the entire date, and more dates to follow, creates a comical interplay of assumptions, nervousness, pressure and effort. 

The scenes to follow show the protagonist practicing his performance over and over, showing deep admiration for the person sitting across the table, finally they begin to jam! According to Rishabh, romance in our generation starts with an awkward yet endearing, “wyd tonight?' and the music video presents a poetic unraveling of this dynamic. 

Watch the full video here:

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