Homegrown Thrift Stores Curating Romantic Vintage-Inspired Outfits

Homegrown Thrift Stores Curating Romantic Vintage-Inspired Outfits

Whether you’re in a relationship, or situationship or are happily single, Valentine’s Day is a time that can’t be ignored. Businesses go out of their way to make it a time of celebration- from themed menus at restaurants to offers and discounts at your favorite stores, there are a million ways this time is made special. Whether you are someone who loves love and wants to dress up for Valentine’s Day, or you’ve decided to go dancing with your closest friends, or you’re simply a fan of outfits that radiate whimsy and romance, there is a range of online thrift stores that can help you realise your wardrobe dreams.  

Revival of Thrifts

This thrift store often features pieces from brands such as River Island, Free People, and Anthropologie. They curate size-inclusive dresses and tops that are often summery and breezy. Usually priced between Rs.699-1299, they offer single pieces of each designs. We especially love the range of broderie dresses they have been stocking of late. 

Saeke. in 

If you are a fan of crop tops and fitted tops, this thrift store is one to bookmark. They usually have drops where that feature varying shades of the same color. Featuring designs that look especially good on petite bodies, their latest drop features elegant tops and dresses in shades of pink that are perfectly suited for Valentine’s day. 

Nice Twice

If you’re looking for vintage-inspired feminine tops that are oversized, Nice Twice is a great option. From 50s-style polyester blouses with pussy bows in solid colors to 70s-inspired funky printed stitched shirts, Nice Twice curates a whole range of designs. Based out of Meghalaya, the brand has weekly drops of tops, most of which are one-off pieces. 


With a wide range of designs and patterns that change with the season, Symplicyty is a thrift store that offers quality tops and dresses. During winter, they curate an unmatched collection of blazers and sweaters at extremely affordable rates. Currently, they are dropping printed and/or sheer shirts that are vintage-inspired. These casually elegant pieces are perfect choices to add an air of whimsy to your wardrobe.  

Thrift with Vera

For someone who loves quirky designs, Thrift with Vera is a store to keep an eye on. During the winter season, they stock playful sweaters and vests - some of our favorites include their Betty Boop sweater with pom-poms. Currently, they are curating a range of 70s and 80s-inspired oversized shirts, some of which are unisex as well. From psychedelic prints to floral cut-out collars, these include a lot of variety. 

Paul Thrift Studio

The love for sheer fabrics - mesh, net, and lace - are what comes through, the moment you look at this store. From dreamy mesh tops to lacey gothic-inspired skirts, Paul Thrift Studio is a great place to find interesting pieces for layering. Currently, they are promoting a range of pastel-hued designs that would be a great choice for a romantic outfit. The collection includes lacey camis to even flared tulle skirts. 


Exuding cottage-core aesthetics, Simple__In is a thrift store that features clothes that are minimal, clean-lined, and elegant. If you are someone who loves to wear dresses and spend time lounging on picnic blankets, this would be the perfect thrift store for you. From a simple striped shirt dress to a cute cotton dress with baby doll necklines and puff sleeves, their latest drop is a great collection. 

The Chique Thrift

If you’re someone who loves to dress up in cardigans and sweater dresses in neutral shades, The Chique Thrift is the shop for you. For their latest drop, they are continuing their love for winter attire, but are curating a range of dressier pieces. For those on the petite side, this thrift store has a whole range of dresses in thick fabrics that would make for a great outfit for a fancy dinner date. 

Prud Pocket

If you’re planning to dance the night away, or are planning on going to a formal event, Prud Pocket is a thrift store to keep an eye on. This store has been curating a range of high-quality formal wear with intricate beadwork and elegant designs, at an affordable rate. They also occasionally drop a select curation of corsets and lingerie

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