The Taste Of India: Chefs Across India Are Rediscovering Unique Cultural Delicacies

The Taste Of India: Chefs Across India Are Rediscovering Unique Cultural Delicacies
Shriya Shetty

The distinct range of cuisines in India are a testament to its diversity. While it is viewed under a singular gaze of mainly ‘curries’ in the West, in reality it is difficult to comprehend the number of diversified food cultures that originate from unique communities across India. These region specific recipes often tend to combine rich history, health-based science and aroma to deliver a flavourful experience.

At present many food bloggers and chefs around the country are sharing the hidden culinary secrets from their own communities. These creatives are reimagining and discovering cultural delicacies through a new lens. Further helping an entire generation to explore cuisines beyond their own homes. Here are a few chefs on our radar.

I. Binita Das (Bengal)

Bringing unique cultural delicacies to her audience, curated for every weather, Binita Das pays special homage to her roots by going on a journey of flavour across India. However, her heart's true calling lies in Bengali cuisine, as she channels her heritage with recipes that are thorough yet simple to follow. Binita highlights the lesser known meals that go beyond cliche assumptions of Bengali food ending on ‘Roshogolla’ and fish. These are essentially everyday recipes harboured through generations and savoured as comfort food.  

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II. Surabhi Bhandari (Rajasthan)

A home chef and a lover of experimental takes on traditional food, Surabhi Bhandari shares innovative Rajasthani recipes with certain insights into her own cultural heritage. These videos capture the authentic experience of cooking Marawadi meals and are complemented with special written tales of belonging. Chef Surabhi also shares the unique health benefits provided in many of these meals that remain closer to nature with their ingredients.

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III. Kristi (Nagaland)

Based in Dimapur, Kristi Kikon is a ‘food creator’ who has been sharing her journey of exploring Nagaland’s special cuisine since 2018. These explorations showcase the region's hidden gems such as unique chutney’s and authentic Naga pork stew as well! As a homemaker Kristi tries to emulate the same warm homely vibe associated with Indian cooking in her curated food videos. 

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IV. Sneha Senapati (Odisha)

An overlooked Indian cuisine that is low on oil and contains all nutritional values, Odia food is a rare gem being shared by chef Sneha Senapati. The young creative had previously appeared on a reality show titled ‘ Chef Vs Fridge’ where she showcased her culinary skills and promoted efficient ways of preparing the Odia meal. Sneha now regularly puts up food stalls under the name ‘Odia Bhoji’ and also shares her recipes on instagram with a wider audience. The traditional dishes have a close affinity to nature and are created with the intention of maintaining the equilibrium of a healthy body. 

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V. Shriya Shetty (Mangalore)

‘Ghee Roast Girl’ or Shriya Shetty is a young chef who shares content expanding on the nostalgia of Mangalorean food. Shriya’s page is a haven for food enthusiasts who intend to relish and learn this authentic cuisine. Furthermore, she provides insights into the unique ways of transitioning these traditional meals with the help of some contemporary flavours. The young chef is interested in discovering distinct communities of Mangalore and hence divulges in extensive regional recipes.

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VI. Toppo Sisters (Jharkhand)

A sister duo championing the traditional delicacies of Jharkhand; Kiran and Prabhita are Toppo Sisters of Instagram who are sharing their heritage through food. In addition to providing recipes they also tend to share the unique health benefits hidden in these meals and make versions that are also completely vegan and gluten free. The creatives are rediscovering a cuisine that often gets neglected under the purview of Indian food and are also making these recipes more accessible to the younger generations. 

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