Homegrown Hemp Oil Brands On Our Radar

Homegrown Hemp Oil Brands On Our Radar
L: BOHECO R: Satliva

The cannabis plant has always been treated with a certain stigma and social taboo by many modern societies. But times are changing. Over the last decade, we have seen many western countries legalize the sale and consumption of medical marijuana and hemp products, thus acknowledging and harnessing the several benefits that the plant brings to us. In India, while marijuana is still not legalized, hemp, the industrial form of the cannabis plant, is booming in the Indian market. Hemp is often confused with its colorful cousin, marijuana. Although similar in their construction, hemp contains a very low percentage of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), unlike marijuana, which has a fair amount of it, enough to get a user ‘high’. While marijuana has a relatively bad reputation, many Indian entrepreneurs have tapped into hemp’s vast potential and sell a wide range of hemp products, including fabric, fiber, seeds, oil, and paper.

Hemp is one of a kind plant whose all parts can be put to use. None of it goes to waste, making it a sustainable choice. Several commercial and industrial products can be made from hemp such as rope, textiles, clothing, shoes, food, paper, insulation, biofuel, and bioplastics to name a few. Today we are going to focus on hemp oil and its benefits. Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. It is rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals. It helps boost digestive health and nourishes hair and skin, and a dash of hemp oil while cooking can give a nutritious boost to any dish.

Let's look at a few Indian companies where you can buy the most authentic hemp oil.

I. Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO), Mumbai

The Bombay Hemp Company a.k.a. BOHECO is one of the popular Indian hemp brands infusing the power of the famous Himalayan hemp plant with their products. It was established in 2013 and is an agro-based enterprise reshaping the future of Indian agriculture. They promote wellness and healthy living with their hemp and cannabis products. The company helps local farmers grow the crop by providing optimum seeds and cultivation techniques. BOHECO ensures that it builds a sustainable business model with economic, environmental, and social impact. With its health and nutrition range, the hemp fabric and textiles lab, BOHECO offers a variety of hemp-based products to explore.

You can order ‘The Himalayan Hemp Seed Oil’ from BOHECO here.

II. Namrata Hemp Company (NHCO)

Namrata Hemp Company is the brainchild of a young and enterprising couple, Harshaavardhan Redi Sirupa, and his wife, Namrata Reddy Sirupa. NHCO was established in 2016, with a vision to contribute to the creation of an organic, natural, non-polluting, and safe hemp ecosystem. The company sources industrial Hemp seeds from government-approved vendors of the Himalayan states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Madhya Pradesh, where hemp is grown in natural surroundings, nurtured with the purity of spring water and the rich soil, of the mountains.

The company’s mission is to explore the commercial as well as the industrial potential of industrial hemp as a multipurpose crop and bring about meaningful changes in consumer behavior. The company has a dedicated unit to facilitate scientific research in cultivating industrial hemp on a commercial scale in India. They offer a variety of hemp products.

You can order hemp seed oil from NHCO here.

III. Vedi Herbals, Bhubaneswar

Vedi Herbals is a young and fast-emerging enterprise for Herbal Healthcare and Body care products, based in India. The company works with the intersection between Ayurveda and Hemp. It calls Hemp a ‘jewel in the court of Ayurveda’, and considers the infusion of cannabis into Ayurveda quite essential. Recognizing the role that it has played in the historic practice of Ayurveda, Vedi aims at using Hemp to help India find its Ayurvedic roots. Their journey began in 2016 when they interacted with the tribal populace in Odisha while traveling. They were wonderstruck by how farmers and their families had beautifully internalized the principle of Ayurveda and were living a healthy, sustainable life. Through its various range of products, Vedi Herbals seeks to bring such wellness into the lives of its customers.

You can order hemp oil-infused products from Vedi Herbals here.


ITSHEMP started as a digital marketplace whose aim was to give the Indian populace a reliable place to buy hemp, CBD, and cannabis products. However, in the past two years, it has grown to be so much more. It is now a single online destination for all things cannabis that offers consumers an experience like no other — from discovering a product to learning about it to finding different ways of using it. . ITSHEMP collaborates with hand-picked international brands from Europe, the USA, and the UK enabling them to enter the Indian market conveniently and reach out to the Indian masses. They provide a variety of hemp products, CBD oil, CBD for pets, medical cannabis, and much more.

You can order a varied range of hemp oils from ITSHEMP here.