Explore A Contemporary Homegrown Range Of Hemp-Infused Beverages

Explore A Contemporary Homegrown Range Of Hemp-Infused Beverages

Created and enhanced with natural botanicals, adaptogens, and nootropics that do not have any intoxicating effects, Blissful has launched a contemporary range of beverages infused with hemp seeds. The range is designed to stimulate focus, creativity and energy through handcrafted, naturally flavoured and mindful seltzers and lemonades. 

The brand uses functional ingredients to create mindful beverages that have a calming and cooling effect. According to the creators, the formulations are composed to help people connect with the broader universe and their inner selves. The first of a kind product in India is opening a gateway to explore the true power of hemp and its health benefits.

“With people becoming more mindful of their lifestyle choices, it is imperative to make functional ingredients and conscious products more accessible. That was one of the key drivers behind the launch of Blissful. With hemp seeds being recognised as a wholesome superfood in India as well, we have seen an explosion of hemp-based nutrition products. We are excited for people to experience hemp and natural adaptogen infused beverages, for the first time in India, through Blissful.”
Yash Kotak, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, BOHECO

The mood-specific infusions of Hemp Seeds and Adaptogens is what makes this product truly revolutionary as adaptogens are non-toxic plants that help the body resist stress and have other healing effects. Furthermore, these herbs and roots have been utilised for generations in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicinal practices. 

Some of the adaptogens infused in Blissful include Ashwagandha, which serves as a natural aphrodisiac and improves cognitive function while Bacopa enhances creativity and boosts brain function. Organic herbs like Arjuna energises the mind and balances the body. Most importantly, hemp seeds aid in restoring balance to the body and mind.

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