Homegrown Hemp & Cannabis Brands Paving The Way In India

Homegrown Hemp & Cannabis Brands Paving The Way In India
(L) The Trost ; BOHECO (R)

It’s that time of year again –– where we celebrate what most of India would tell us not to, but would enjoy it in secret, anyway. 4/20 is upon us and even in 2022, things like cannabis and hemp need explaining and justification.

Thanks to several homegrown brands, the tide is turning. Hemp and cannabis acceptance is on the rise, and not just through awareness, but also through their products including clothes, nutrition supplements, oils, and more.

Without any further delay, let’s look at some of these brands that sit on our list, and also have our thanks –– for rightfully integrating hemp into Indian lives and allowing the audience to see its true potential.

I. B.E Hemp

Making ethically sourced hemp products available to all at affordable prices, B.E Hemp covers all bases when it comes to the hemp industry –– they sell products, affiliate themselves with other brands, cater to wholesale needs and also wish to push the hemp message by narrating their (and others’) journey in the Cannabis domain.

#HGLoves their Skincare Combo.

Find B.E Hemp here.


Perhaps one of the more well-known Hemp companies, BOHECO has truly made its mark as a champion of sustainability in the Indian market. The company assists local farmers in cultivating the crop by providing optimum seeds and cultivation techniques. From thereon, BOHECO ensures that it builds a sustainable business model for economic, environmental and social impact.

In partnership with retreat Poonthottam Ayurvedasram in Kerala, they provide Ayur-Cann therapies. We would book a stay immediately!

Find BOHECO here.

III. Health Horizons

If you’re looking to add a superfood in your diet and improve your overall well-being, Health Horizons will prove to you why that food should be hemp. Additionally, the company also provides you with delicious recipes using hemp! Products, information, and the know-how – Health Horizons hit the bulls-eye!

#HGLoves their Hemp Power Bar.

Find Health Horizons here.

Image Courtesy: Health Horizons

IV. Hemis

Hemis successfully ventures into lifestyle products such as apparel, accessories, furnishing, footwear and stationery. Their products use raw materials that are ‘responsibly sourced, earth-friendly and completely organic’.

Not only does Hemis provide guaranteed quality, but it also does not compromise on the design and style in any way. All products are sleek, appealing and attractive, and tick all the sustainability boxes, too.

Find Hemis here.

V. Hemp Republic

Having chosen to be a part of the nationwide hemp revolution, Hemp Republic caters to a variety of consumers across India. The company is based in Telangana and manufactures hemp fabrics, paper, yarn, and more. All of their products are made in India and Fairtrade certified among other accreditations.

Find Hemp Republic here.

VI. Hempsters

Specialising in body care, Hempsters aims at offering their customers luxurious, natural and completely hand-made hemp products. They make sure to ingrain organic and age-old recipes, too. Hempsters is a perfect mix of the natural aesthetic and sustainable skin care.

Their products are available on Amazon.

Find Hempsters here.

VII. India Hemp & Co.

Sisters Jayanti and Shalini Bhattacharya founded India Hemp & Co. to bring together their passions of nature, health, art and business. Apart from hemp products, the brand also gives you recipes for guidance. A well-rounded approach to integrating hemp in one’s daily lives, India Hemp & Co. is one of our top picks.

As seen on Shark Tank, the brand’s courtesy also extends to dogs in the form of treats!

Find India Hemp & Co. here.

Image Courtesy: India Hemp & Co.

VIII. India Hemp Organics

Rohit Kamath and Loveena Sirohi, the brains behind India Hemp Organics reimagine the way Cannabis is perceived and consumed in the country. Alongside medicinal products catering to pain relief, better sleep, and reducing stress, India Hemp Organics now also retails hemp hearts, hemp powder, and our recommendation - hemp seed oil.

Find India Hemp Organics here.

IX. Its Hemp

Apparel, food, accessories, gifts, furnishing, wellness products – ItsHemp has got it all. Segregated under hemp, cannabis, and Ayurvedic cannabis, one can pick products based on their needs. They cater to your furry friends too!

They even have a Hemp Starter Kit for those who are just venturing into this sphere.

Find Its Hemp here.

X. Satliva

A hemp shop based out of Bengaluru, Satliva sources their raw material specially from the foothills of Himalayas. The brand offers a range of the finest chemical free products – all made with a combination of hemp oil and other natural cold pressed oils. With the motto of ‘Nature is the best Nurture’, Satliva brings sustainability home.

Find Satliva here.

XI. The Trost

‘Trost’ when translated to German refers to solace. Their sun grown hemp is ethically sourced and comes to you in the form of hemp hearts, oil, protein powder, and more. With a promise to transport you to a place of bliss, the Trost also gave India its first hemp cigarettes!

Find The Trost here.

Image Courtesy: The Trost

XII. Vedi

Vedi works with the intersection between Ayurveda and hemp. It calls hemp a ‘jewel in the court of Ayurveda’, and considers the infusion of cannabis into Ayurveda quite essential. Recognising the role that it has played in the historic practice of Ayurveda, Vedi aims at using hemp to help India find its Ayurvedic roots.

Find Vedi here.

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