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130 Homegrown Indian Brands: The Ultimate Gifting Guide

Gone are the days when a generic Soan Papdi box or a Christmas cake would be passed around from hand to hand until it reached the first person in the link herself. People and their methods of life are gradually becoming more and more intentional and they are realising that every purchase has a larger consequence. Gifts can either become objects of awe and inspiration or can be long remembered or forgotten – for their own reasons. All said and done, the bottom line is that it is necessary to find something that says the right thing and above all, is genuinely meaningful and useful. The quest for the perfect gift – the shining box with just the right bow, just the right packaging, and just the most useful, intentional, sustainable, fashionable, affordable, and loveable item inside – is still on and by the looks of it, with the innumerable permutations and combinations, is going to be on for a little while.

Right at this moment, however, allow us to help you pick just the right gift and present to you the century’s biggest gifting guide.

From artisanal alcohol to upcycled fashion, this intentionally curated list of 120 homegrown brands features the best of all worlds.

While it might help to know that perfection is a myth, the quest to perfection is a beautiful journey, you will get to know.

Food & Beverages

1. Amiel Gourmet

Amiel Gourmet aims to catapult Christmas to another level by offering exciting Christmas goodies. Opt to gift the goodness of some traditional Christmas plum cake,flavourful bonbons and a variety of festive cookies to your friends and family this year.

Find them here.

You can also find them on Instagram here.

2. Araku Coffee

For your coffeeholic friends and family, Araku has a range of different types of homegrown coffee as well as everything you could possibly need to make it to perfection – get their festive boxes for an extra special treat.

Take your coffee pick here.

3. Bombay Sweet Shop

Everything in India is incomplete without lots of mithai. Send away or bring home some much-needed sweetness with Bombay Sweet Shop’s specially curated assorted sweet boxes.

#HGLoves Bombay Sweet Shops’s Diwali Collection.

Take your sweet tooth here or order via Zomato and Swiggy.

4. Bombucha

Bombucha produces small batches of various artisanal fermented food products like Kombucha, Coconut Water Kefir, Ginger ale, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, ACV Drinks, and lacto-fermented pickles.

#HGLoves their Kombucha Hibiscus Lime.

To find more Bombucha products, click here.

Check out their Instagram here.

5. Brew House

A refreshing glass of cold brew iced tea is sure to get you energised for the festive season.

#HgLoves Brew House’s Gift Hamper which consists of five of their best brews – Classic Lemon, Classic Peach, Forest berry, Apple Cinnamon and Mojito Lime.

Get your perfect brew here.

Check out their Instagram here.

6. Brio Art House & Cafe

Brio Art House & Cafe, founded by Ankita Jaiswal, showcases an exclusive collection of handmade, hand-painted and nature-inspired art-pieces, along with a curated range of home linen, decor, kitchenware and furniture, both online and offline.

#HGLoves their Bamboo Planter and Beeswax Candle Stand.

Check out their website for innovative gifting ideas.

Check out their Instagram here.

7. Greater Than

Living up to the statement ‘We didn’t invent Gin. We just made it Greater!’, Greater Than Gin is sure to up your gin game. As a contributing organisation to India’s gin revolution, Greater Than makes for a superb addition to your cocktail parties.

Visit their website here.

Find them on Instagram here.

8. Grover Zampa’s Mulled Wine

Mulled wines and Christmas make for the perfect pair. With a blend of ingredients like Star Anise, Parsley, Fennel, Cumin Seeds, Orange Peel, Kepok Buds, Black Pepper, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cloves, Tulsi, Ginger, Cardamom, and Lemon, Grover Zampa’s garnet red coloured wine made with Shiraz grapes is the perfect gift for these cold winter days.

Get your hands on the mulled wine here.

9. House of Tea

We all have friends or family members who absolutely can’t stay without their daily cup of tea. Gift them House of Tea’s versatile range of handpicked luxury tea range.

Check out the different varieties of tea here.

Check out their Instagram here.

10. Lavonne Cafe

Lavonne’s award-winning cafés across Bengaluru deliver the best range of holiday pastries, viennoiseries alongside a wide-range of European savoury delectables. Available on pre-order and for takeaway, Lavonne’s elegant holiday hampers are proof that the holiday spirit can arrive in small, irresistible packages.

Look through their delicious treats here.

11. Mag St. Bread Co

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and that can only mean that it’s time to indulge in some guilty pleasures, mainly handcrafted bakery & gourmet food from Mag St. Bread Co who have a wide range of breads ranging from sourdough to croissants and an even better selection of cakes and the Christmas essential gingerbread man. It makes for a great gift for those who love gourmet bakery items and even for your own Christmas spread.

Visit them on Instagram here.

12. Mason & Co

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate? Organic, Vegan and Farmer Direct – Mason & Co’s Bean To Bar Chocolate Range is the perfect gift to give your friends who love everything chocolate.

Order your box of chocolates here.

Check out their Instagram here.

13. Maverick & Farmer Coffee

One of India’s few farm to cup coffee brands, Maverick & Farmer’s coffee selection will have you perplexed - if you are a coffee lover, this is the range to pick from. Even better, surprise your coffee-obsessed friend with their brewing equipment along with some delicious coffee, and rest assured, the gift will be most appreciated.

Find Maverick & Farmer here.

You can also visit their Instagram page here.

14. Meemee’s

Mumbai’s homegrown ice-cream brand Meemee’s recreates childhood nostalgia through its iconic ice-cream sandwiches. Their range of festival hampers offer their classic toasties (sandwiches), an ice-cream cake of your choice and DIY waffle-cone kit.

Find Meemee’s on Instagram here.

15. Monsoon Harvest

Perfectly blending taste and health, Monsoon Harvest provides you with a range of trail mixes, cereal, granola, coffee, and more. Mix and match your preferences for the perfect gift, or pick from their Gifting range.

Find their website here.

Visit their Instagram page here.

16. Naagin Hot Sauce

Throughout and thoroughly homegrown, Naagin hot sauce is the perfect gift for someone who loves their extra spice.

#HGLoves Naagin Bhoot, the extra hot variant of the sauce that is made with Bhut Jolokia (ghost pepper) from Assam.

If you would like to know more about where to get your hands on the sauce, you can read about it in our story on Naagin Sauce.

Check out their website for some extra heat.

17. Natch Snacks
One who likes to keep snacking simple would never let go of packets of Natch Snacks, thanks to their reminiscent as well as never-heard-before flavours that are offered in the healthiest manner possible.
Mix and match your snack basket here.

Check out their Instagram here.

18. No. 3 Clive Road

Gift No. 3 Clive Road’s Diwali Blend’s luxury hand-blended tea that is local, ethical, and herbal and is the perfect gift for those who love to indulge in a good cup of tea.

You can order your cuppa here. Their curated or bespoke gift boxes will have you dazed.

Check out their Instagram here.

19. Ōtaṇē

Gift your loved ones the wholesome experience of consuming alcohol with Ōtaṇē with their special infusion kits. These curated kits are oh-so-suitable for the Indian palette and make utmost use of locally sourced ingredients.

20. Plume Delicacies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year that calls for merry gifting and holiday cheer. Ring in the christmas spirit by gifting your loved ones exclusive christmas hampers by Plume Delicacies. Available on pre-order, these exciting hampers an assortment of cookies, jams and meringues to appease your taste buds.

Grab their goodies here.

21. Soklet

For that chocolate-addicted friend of yours, Soklet’s tee-to-bar chocolates, hot cocoa, and chocolate-hazelnut spreads are more than enough. You might even have to hold them or yourself back once they dive into the goodies!

Get your Soklet fix here.

Check out their Instagram here.

22. Subko Coffee Roasters

Every coffee-lovers’ wonderland, Subko Coffee gives you a coffee tour of India and lets you choose from the country’s different flavourful roasts.

Discover some more born-in-the-pandemic companies here.

Fulfil your Subko coffee cravings here.

Check out their Instagram here.

23. Svami

If you love the taste of cocktails but want to skip on the alcohol, Svami’s range of non-alcoholic ready to drink beverages are the best gift. Enjoy your Rum & Coke without the stress of a hangover.

Get your drink here.

Check out their Instagram here.

The Svami kit containing different flavoures of tonic water
The Svami Kit

24. Terai Gin

A ‘grain-to-glass’ Indian craft gin made in Rajasthan in the style of a London Dry Gin, Terai is the chicest kid on the block. Choose it for its eclectic taste and its aesthetically vibrant design which draws on Indian temple architecture, numismatics, and handicrafts.

Find Terai on Instagram here or log on to their website here.

25. The Spotted Cow Fromagerie

It’s always a Brie good idea to get together and share some warmth and love. The Spotted Cow Fromagerie curates special artisanal premium quality cheese boxes to gift you the perfect festive experience.

#HGLoves The Gather & Graze Box with Brie, Tomme De Bombai, and loads of accompaniments you can nibble on while chatting away with your friends and family.

Indulge in them here and check them out on Instagram here.

26. Thirsty Fox

Born in America but raised in India, Thirsty Fox brings to you a range of small batch craft cider Currently available only in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Thane, and Pune, their flavours Izzy, Reed and Kipp will wish you had a bottle in your hand right this moment.

Place your order here.

Find them on Instagram here.


For all your cuppa-loving friends, TEAXPRESS brings prolific curations of premium quality teas imported fresh each season, direct from tea gardens around the world.

#HGLoves TEAXPRESS’s Midnight Cravings Gift Box which includes round-the-clock tea blends, each with a unique trait.

Order your warm cuppa during the winter months, here.

28. 4700BC Popcorn

We know you would much rather have this delicious snack even outside the movie theatre, so, get your fix of uniquely flavoured popcorn from 4700BC, especially their sour cream and wasabi cheese (and make sure to keep some aside for yourself before you share!).

Indulge in a range of lip-smacking flavours here, and check out their Instagram here.


29. Aparna Wadhiwa Apothecary

After facing disappointment by skincare purchases online, Aparna Wadhiwa went out on a limb and took aromatherapy courses to come to a blend that would be safe and healthy for her skin. This is how AW Apothecary began – now you too can experience her hand-poured skin care line.

Find Aparna here.

30. Asa Beauty

With respect and admiration toward our planet, asa’s festive edition contains green and sustainable gifts. With ‘Clean Awakening’ at their core, their products are not only suited for you, but also healthy for the environment.

Get the asa Festive Edit gift box here.

31. Bare Necessities

From dental care to food wraps and cutlery, Bare Necessities has an alternative eco-friendly option for every plastic-based everyday item. Their Gift Bundles make for a great selection to choose from.

#HGLoves The Ultimate Zero Waste Starter kit for a friend seeking to live life more consciously.

Shop Bare Necessities here.

You can check them out on Instagram here.

32. Disguise Cosmetics

As India’s first indie cosmetic brand, Disguise outdoes itself with each new product.

#HGLoves their range of vegan lip shades. Head to their Super Saver section for some great deals.

Check them out here.

Check them out on Instagram here.

33. FAE Beauty
For the festive look we all crave, FAE’s line of products are a must for Indian skin – cruelty and paraben-free, made especially for the lovely, wonderful South Asian skin. Find out more about one of our #HGDrop pick here.

#HGLoves their limited edition FAE fanny pack.

Explore FAE’s collection here.

Check out their Instagram here.

34. Hibiscus Monkey

Packing in the wisdom of your Nani’s age-old secrets in their chemical-free and vegan self-care line of hair oils and spray on oil, Hibiscus Monkey packs in this goodness with their 100 per cent natural products. Make sure to get your hands on The Selfcare Bundle.

Get their range of skin care products here.

Check out their Instagram here.

35. Ilana Organics

Offering specific products for specific skin-type, Ilana’s range of vegan and cruelty-free products find the perfect balance between natural sources and modern ethics.

#HGLoves the gorgeous all-natural water-based beetroot lip and cheek tint.

Find the limited edition Glam Up Diwali hamper on their website and check out their Instagram.

36. Juicy Chemistry

Harnessing the power of nature, Juicy Chemistry brings to you the goodness of nature and traditional cosmetic knowledge in its chemical-free luxurious offerings.

To know more about the brand, head over to their website or stay tuned to their Instagram.

37. Kiro

Vegan, cruelty-free, skin-friendly, and specially designed for Indian skin, look no further to present the perfect festive look to your friends or amp up your own glam.

Check Kiro out here.

Check out their Instagram here.

38. Neemli Naturals

Allowing you to gift handmade, vegan and cruelty-free products, Neemli makes for a marvellous all-around skincare package. Find more of HG’s suggested organic bath and body products here.

Check out Neemli’s collection here.

39. Pahadi Local

Packed with the goodness and freshness of the Himalayas, Pahadi Local’s skin and hair care products are the perfect self-care gifts. Enjoy their all-natural products as you give back to the Himalayan people. Find more organic skincare here.

Fulfil your Pahadi needs here.

Check out their Instagram here.

40. The Bare Bar

The Bare Bar is an eco and health-friendly skincare brand that aims to nourish your wellness as a whole. With no synthetic fragrances, colours, parabens and more, founders Radhika and Midula wish to push people to a more sustainable lifestyle.

#HGLoves their Navratna Gift Pack. You can also choose from their Diwali Gift Pack range.

Visit their website here.

Visit their Instagram page here.

Fashion & Accessories

41. Aimee Loved

Look through Aimee Loved’s vintage thrifted collection to find the perfect fit for you - we guarantee, you will definitely find one. With some of the most impressive thrifted collections we have seen, Aimee Loved makes for a top pick this festive season.

Shop from them here.

Find them on Instagram here.

42. Alankaara

Beautiful keepsakes that remind one of the wonderful cycle of life, Alankaara’s fossilised jewellery and home decor made with real botanicals sourced from around the world, make for the perfect gift.

Buy their jewelleries here.

Unearth their treasures here.

43. Annahmol

Inspired by the serenity of Kerala and the rawness of vintage textiles and semi-precious stones, designer Annah Chakola’s Annahmol brings exceptional curations of handcrafted jewellery, clothing, bags & accessories to make for a perfect little present.

#HGLoves Their Unity Pendant.

Find out more on their website and check out their Instagram here.

44. Badaam

With Badaam, you can gift handmade sarees and clothing that go beyond seasons. Their unique styles and patterns are sure to floor you.

Graze through their collection here.

45. Bhavya Ramesh

Bhavya Ramesh’s jewellery is a bohemian collective of handcrafted silver jewellery carefully designed to embrace gypsy souls and free spirits.

#HG loves their Earrings and Nose Pins.

Shop for their jewelleries here.

Check out their Instagram here.

46. Capsul

For streetwear that keeps up with the times, Capsul is your go-to. As a multi-brand streetwear store that curates a range of products that are conversation starters, they give the Indian consumer access to some of the best streetwear in the world.

Find more HG-suggested streetwear labels here.

Shop their products here.

Peep into their Instagram here.

47. Dandelion

What’s better for a gift than the perennial uniform – nightwear? Gift your friends and family the cutest PJs from Dandelion. Also, find their impeccably curated gift sets for all your homely cravings here.

If you would like to know more about the brand, head over to their website.

Check out their latest sleepwear on Instagram.

48. Darwaza

Positioning themselves as an “Ode to nature”, Darwaza is a homegrown label that creates a range of unique, unisex garments that are ethically sourced. For their Diwali 2021 collection, Darwaza has created a collection of upcycled & restored Indian garments that celebrate “Indian nostalgia”. This includes sarees that are repurposed to create garments that fit the modern Indian consumer.

Shop their products here.

Find them on Instagram here.

49. Dhora

Bringing together the traditional beauty of Rajasthan and modernity of Italy, Dhora produces accessories that not only elude style, but also complete any look. Find more contemporary jewellery companies here.

Explore Dhora’s collection here.

Check out their Instagram here.

50. Delhiwear

With a collection that takes pride in Indian culture, Delhiwear’s work from home wear, business casual wear and t-shirts are perfect for the Indian youth. Here’s their complete story!

Shop their looks here.

Check out their Instagram here.

Delhiwear black kurta and brown kurta worn by two people

51. Glean Studios

If you’re going for a green & eco-friendly festive season, glean studio offers a wide range of sustainable and ethical outfits that could spruce up your wardrobe. Glean also guarantees to plant a tree for every purchase, making this festive season as sustainable and circular as possible.

Visit their website here.

Visit their Instagram here.

52. Grain
Combining artisanal skills with sleek looks, Grain produces fashionable and classy bags that are sure to impress whoever lays their eyes on them.

Find out why Grain was an #HGDrop pick here.

Glance over their collection here.

53. Huemn

Known for their narrative-driven curation and unwavering consistency in visual-composition, HUEMN’s swiftly-switching silhouettes are a treat to own, wear or even flaunt.

Read more about their Charles Bukowski collection here.

#HGLoves their new collection, Dreamer.

If you haven’t already, stalk them on Instagram here.

54. JODI

If it’s conscious luxury fashion, it has to be JODI. Working with natural Indian textiles, hand block printing, and modern designs, the brand has made a place for itself in the Indian fashion world.

To know more about the brand, head over to their website or stay tuned to their Instagram.

55. Leah Singh

Designer and founder Leah Singh works directly with artisans in villages across India using embroidery, weaving, and printing techniques that are native to the region. Her collection features handcrafted textiles that mix traditional Indian craft techniques with unexpected color combinations, and modern, geometric forms.

#HG loves their Blah Blah pillows.

Check out their collection here.

Take a look at their Instagram too.

56. Manjha

Intricately and carefully designed with love, Manjha lays out options of all kinds of jewellery, sarees, dresses, scarves and now even masks – the beauty of India conveyed through a complete look!

Explore their collection here.

For the latest posts and updates, follow them on Instagram.

57. Misho

For works of art in the name of jewellery, turn to designer Suhani Parekh’s Misho. Adding the perfect amount of ‘modern architecture’ to your festive season looks, Misho’s designs are next to unbeatable.

Find them here.

Visit their Instagram page here.

58. Mistry

Lending some dimension to your outfits, Mistry’s handcrafted leather bags and accessories are the perfect gifting option. Chique and complex, these accessories make for the perfect addition to one’s wardrobe.

Purchase from Misho here.

Find them on Instagram here.

59. OINK

Oink provides a one-stop shopping experience where all your beaded and tie-dye needs are met.

#HGLoves their phone charms.

Check out their Instagram here.

60. Old Marigold

Handcrafted by local artisans, old marigold is a celebration of India’s native arts and their gifting products also include ethically sourced garments, home decor and stationery and masks.

Visit their website here.

Find them on Instagram here.

61. Olio Stories

With a collection of unique chains, pendants, and earrings among other classic jewellery, Olio Stories’ is run by entrepreneur duo Aashna Singh and Sneha Saksena. Add modern heirlooms to embrace your love for all things jewellery with Olio.

Make your purchase here.

Find them on Instagram here.


Mixing eco-consciousness and style, One Less is that brand you turn to for everyday essentials, without the burden of fast fashion. Their timeless and genderless apparel is made with organic fibers and natural dyes. With ‘one less’ guilty choice for the environment, gift someone an eco-friendly wardrobe essential.

Shop their collection here.

You can also find them on Instagram here.

63. Op-Haneen

Cop your ultra-cool shirts and outerwear at Op-Haneen – their bold prints and modern designs do not disappoint.

Buy your Op-Haneen tees here.

Peep into their collection here.

64. Perthro Jewellery

Combining fashion, art, and heart, Perthro embodies urbanity and translates its conversations into artisanal statement pieces.

Read more about Perthro’s concept jewellery here, here, and here.

Check out their Instagram here.

65. RIAS Jaipur

Explore the beauty of Dabu and Bagru crafts as they fuse together with modern culture to offer the best of both worlds.

#HGLoves Rias’s initiative to #SaveIndianTextile and their most recent turmeric-dyed 100% cotton face masks.

To know more about the brand, head on over to their website, or stay tuned to their updates on Instagram.

Defining streetwear for those who choose to embrace it, SIX5SIX translates Indian youth culture into fashion – a must for those who blend comfort and style. Find out here why they were our #HGDrop pick.

Cop your favourite products from their collection here.

Check out their Instagram here.

67. Skilled Samaritan

Skilled Samaritan is a company that focuses on waste reuse and upcycling plastic waste to transform and develop plush designer products using multilayer plastic and textile waste. Their craftsmanship revolves around the creation of charpai – a multifaceted intricately woven piece of furniture, commonly associated with siestas, conversations, social gatherings and even childbirth. Their chief motivation is centred around creating sustainable livelihoods by recycling plastic waste by skillfully keeping it within the bounds of the economy instead of the environment.

#HG loves their Sirohi x Nirmalya gift hamper.

Shop here for the most amazing goodies and hampers.

68. Sui

Dress up in comfort while being sustainable with Sui’s incredible range of conscious, well-crafted and thoughtful clothing.

Check them out here or find them on Instagram.

69. Sole Stories
Inclusive, sustainable, ethical, artisanal, conscious and fashionable – everything we want our footwear to be, and all that a thoughtful gift must be!

Pick your handcrafted footwear here.

70. Suta Bombay

Love sarees but want them to have a playful twist? Making age-old saree modern and fun with frills, tassels, pom pom and ruffles is Suta Bombay whose wide range of casual sarees range from soft solid mulmul to patterned jamdani.

Drool over their collections here.

71. Tailor & Circus

India’s first body-positive unisex underwear brand, Tailor & Circus loves you as much you love it. Customise the perfect pack of these for your chuddie-buddies here.

Read as Homegrown talks about India’s First Body-Positive, Unisex Underwear Brand Is Making Its Presence Felt.

Keep up with them on their Instagram here.

72. The Saree Sneakers

Deep down, we know you’re tired of putting your feet through a challenge in heels every time you wear a saree. The Saree Sneakers fixes that with comfortable, complementary and beautifully designed sneakers to complete your perfect ethnic look.

Get your hands on a pair here.

73. The Sole Sisters

Inspire some soul-searching and find your perfect soul with The Sole Sisters’s hand-crafted, hand-picked footwear.

To order or view their catalogue, write to them at: [email protected].

Find them on Instagram here.

74. The Yarn Story

Started a year ago by image consultant, Sayali Khade and nutritionist, Ila Potnis, The Yarn Story is a modern textile studio, weaving carefully selected yarn fibres into soft and premium fabrics. The company makes contemporary clothing and dabbles in hand-woven and natural fabrics, from block prints, Kalamkari prints, Ikat and tie-and-dye.

#HGLoves their red and blue-tinted dresses.

Check out their collection here.

75. Wunderhaus

Kedar Maddula’s Wunderhaus that explores Indian textiles, craft and fashion does away with gender-specific clothes and ensures flattery for everyone. Find out about their journey here.

Look through their collection here.

Kedar Maddula’s Wunderhaus non-gender-specific clothes made of Indian textiles, craft and fashion

Home Decor

76. Akiiko

Akiiko gives you all you need for eco-friendly daily essentials. Inspired by Japanese aesthetic sensibilities, the brand is minimal, simple yet wondrous.

#HGLoves their Circle Stripe Coasters.

Visit their website here.

Visit their Instagram page here.

77. Cane Concept

Giving you the sustainable home decor goodness, Cane Concept’s various lifestyle products are functional, sturdy and definitely easy on the eyes.

Check them out here, or contact them on +919612334444.

78. Catfish

For gifts that last longer than the festive season, Catfish Blr offers a wide range of custom neon signs, music plaques and mirror plaques that immortalises memories and nostalgia. If you’re looking to create a personalised gift for a loved one, catfish blr offers some of the most flexible and customisable products.

Shop their products here.

Find them on Instagram here.

79. Imarim

Founded by mother-daughter duo, Riti and Maanya, Imarim is a studio that transforms old home items into beautiful pieces of decor.

#HGLoves their Lotus Pond Kettle.

You can shop on their website here.

Check out their Instagram here.

80. Ikai Asai

If bold yet minimal aesthetics is your pick this festive season, Ikai Asai offers a range of artisanally handcrafted tableware that make for perfect centerpieces in your home.

Visit their website here.

Visit their Instagram here.

81. Iki

With products that can only be described as little concrete craft pockets designed with joy, Iki creates contemporary products such as attractive coasters, adorable showpieces and minimal pen stands.

Marvel at their products here.

82. Junekeri

Mother-daughter duo Ayessha and Sudha create and curate handwoven textiles for the modern home. Ethically sourced and sustainably produced, this collection is perfect to spruce up your spaces. From simple to lively, Junekeri’s products a must for this festive season.

Shop Junekeri here.

Visit their Instagram page here.

83. Kaati Carpets

The history of Kaati Carpets dates back to 1928 – they have been designing and manufacturing handmade carpets since then. Not just a commodity of style, these carpets add a whole layer of personality to your desired space. Every purchase here supports local weavers, and also aids in keeping an age-old craft alive.

Shop from them here.

Find them on Instagram here.

84. Kalimann Studio

Literally translating to the phrase ‘play clay’ in Tamil, Kalimann studio is a homegrown earthenware and stoneware store that makes for the perfect handcrafted gift. From kettles to plates, glazed cutlery, mugs and more, this studio creates the most exquisite and minimal range of affordable home decor.

Purchase their products here.

Visit their Instagram page here.

85. La Lumiere

Hand-poured in Goa, La Lumiere candles are a sight to be mesmerised by. These soy candles are classy, minimal and most definitely a treat to the eye.

#HGLoves their Coffee Scent, and their Eros candles.

Find them here.


Method candles are vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable. Their range of scented candles is not far from heavenly – something about them definitely transport you to a chilly place by the woodfire, with maybe a book or two, and of course, the scented candle by your side.

Visit their page here.

87. Minimal Indian

Minimal India is a concept home decor label based out of Bangalore, started by Adrita Sarkar and her husband Chintan. The label draws its inspiration from the time of simplicity and authenticity and is meant for every home that carries the nostalgia of simpler times. For the ceramics, Adrita works with studio potters in Bangalore, who prepare the bisque fired pieces. Believer and practitioner of minimal lifestyle, the label makes home textiles as well.

#HGLoves their Autumn Meadows collection.

Visit their online store here.

Check out their stuff here.

88. Monsoon & Chai

Drawing from the unbeatable combination of monsoon and chai, this homegrown brand creates scented candles for the soul. Giving you comfort and peace, these candles are a must-have, especially with sweater weather approaching.

#HGLoves their Coast Lines Festive Gift Box.

Visit their store here.

Find them on Instagram here.

89. Pulp Factory

Founded by Spriha Chokhani, Pulp Factory is a design studio that creates furniture and other home décor products out of discarded paper.

Shop from their collection here.

Check out their Instagram here.


Safomasi creates beautiful fabrics, homewares and accessories with a soul and a story. Travelling the world to find inspiration, each collection celebrates a journey to a different region.

#HGLoves their rugs and fabrics.

You can shop for their products here.

Check out their Instagram here.

91. Saphed

Give your loved one a chance to spruce up their living spaces with Saphed’s… everything! With a range of duvets, sheets, tablecloths, curtains and even loungewear in store, Saphed has got you covered.

Glance at their collection here.

92. Spin Furniture

A subdivision of the Shark Design Studio in Delhi, this young, fresh furniture brand is capturing Nordic sensibilities with Indian identity. Their designs are catering to the modern generation that wants to declutter without compromising on luxury.

#HGLoves their Infinity Trolley.

You can shop for their products here.

93. Studio JIWE

Inspire or get inspired by art with a purpose as Studio JIWE brings to you timeless, earth-friendly, handcrafted stoneware products made by artisans across India.

#HGLoves their Apeksh Mugs.

Explore on Instagram here.

94. The Plated Project

The Plated Project does theme-based vibrant and artistic plates in collaboration with NGOs and artists in an attempt to end hunger among children. Their beautiful plates are a wonderful gift for your friends and loved ones especially those who love collecting art pieces.

Visit their website here.

Check out their Instagram page here.

95. Tiipoi

With equipment that is sure to spruce up your kitchen and make cooking more exciting, Tiipoi has a remarkable collection of kitchenware - their latest Masala Dabba in collaboration with Diaspora Co. is one to keep an eye out for.

Look through their remarkable products here.

96. Yours Concretely

Yours Concretely is a designer home décor brand by India’s first female Concrete Product Designer – ‘Poorva Ajmera’. It also brings you charming products – like wall and table clocks, planters, lamps, trays, candle holders etc to add a chic touch to your living and working spaces.

#HGLoves their Work Desk gift hamper.

Visit their website here.

Check out their Instagram here.

97. White Hill Studio

Look no further than White Hill Studio to put together the perfect handcrafted curation of ceramics this year. The nature-inspired handpicked assortment of gifts are sure to add the much-needed cheer and bonding experience to your Diwali celebration.

Find their website here.

Visit their Instagram page here.


98. Cards for Humanity

Architects Saloni and Hiren Ganatara’s Cards for Humanity is a social game for the ‘new normal’. In translating kind deeds and introspective activities into a deck of cards, the game targets the core need of giving back in the smallest yet most rewarding ways.

Read what Homegrown has to say about them here.

Get your deck of Cards For Humanity here.

99. Cards vs Sanskaar

Giving you and your friends the perfect gateway to laughter and timeless memories, this card game gets everything right about Indian pop culture.

Get your pack here.

Find them on Instagram here.

100. Drinkswalla

Giving you the all-in-one pack of a lively party game and drinking game, Drinkswalla was created by South Asians to capture the essence of Indian identity through a not-so-serious medium. Combining humour, alcohol, and desi-ness, Drinkswalla is a must buy.

Read more about Drinkswalla’s journey and our conversation with the team here.

Purchase Drinkswalla here.

Visit their Instagram page here.

101. VAWAA

At VAWAA, you can enjoy an immersive experience. With master artists and craftsmen around the world. From learning creative writing with an award-winning writer in Hanoi, wooden toy making in Buenos Aires, film photography in Norway to cooking in Penang, there’s a VAWAA for everyone.

#HG loves their ‘Vacation with an Artist” residency workshop.

Gift a loved one VAWAA here.

You can follow VAWAA here.

Art & Design

102. Art & Found

A brand that seeks to uncomplicate art, Art & Found offers a way for people to find unique artwork for their all their spaces, suited to their taste and budget.

To read more about the brand, read Art & Found’s 15 For 15th: A Perfect Guide To Buying Indian Art For Your Home

Find Art & Found here.

103. Paper Planes

Paper Planes is a media brand with an online publication and e-commerce platform that celebrates thoughtful design and living.

Check out their online shop here.

104. Kulture Shop

Kulture Shop is a collective of Indian graphic artists spearheading an art movement to redefine our visual identity for the 21st century.

#HGLoves their mask collection.

Check out their website for more of their art.

Check out their Instagram here.

105. Origin One

Founded by New Delhi-based multi-hyphenate design and art professional, Pushkar Thakur, The Graflosi is a multi-award winning studio of design and art. The studio’s creation, Origin One, is a collection of everyday stationery and basics made for the design-loving global nomad. With a mix of artisanal and machine-made techniques, the design-led product range balances functionality, durability and fine quality with a unifying contemporary aesthetic.

#HGLoves their Artisanal Makers’ Box.

Check out their website here for innovative goodies and gift hampers.

106. Studio Joyeeta

Kolkata entrepreneur, Joyeeta’s art venture, Joyeeta Joyart is a beautiful fusion of doodle, artistic forms, and a bright amalgamation of vibrant yellow, red, black, solid strokes of blue and come in personalized forms on mugs, notebook covers, bags, brooches, accessories, home décor, and large wall paintings.

#HGLoves their ‘Soul Sisters’ painting.

Check out Studio Joyeeta here.

Check out their Instagram here.

Sustainable Gifts

107. A Blunt Story

A Blunt Story is a one of a kind footwear label breaking beyond the green-washed ideas of sustainability with its eclectic range of eco-friendly sandals designed to make you sustainably suave in any room you walk in.

Buy their footwear here.

108. Armateur

Armateur Design Studio employs men and women from marginalised communities to create earth-friendly inventive decor, candles and furniture. They use traditional craft and raw materials to create designs unique to Armatuer.

#HGLoves their Dhara collection.

Shop from their website here

109. Bamboo India

Bamboo India, founded by agricultural entrepreneur, Yogesh Shinde, is a company that makes bamboo-based eco-friendly products like bamboo toothbrushes, speakers, clothing pegs, desk organizers, utility stands and sky lanterns.

#HGLoves their Bamboo Desk Organiser.

Shop from their website here.


Helming the hemp revolution in India, BOHECO has a hemp alternative for everything. From health and nutrition to clothing, accessories, yarn, and fibers, the brand’s unique offerings will make for the perfect gift basket.

To know more about the brand, read Indian Companies Using Hemp In Ways You Wouldn’t Expect

Shop from BOHECO here.

111. Brown Living

It’s a marketplace for a wide range of everyday products, specially curated for a sustainable, vegan, chemical-free and zero-waste lifestyle. Each product is handpicked from ethical brands across India, after having its environmental impact evaluated. Moreover, they also stock an entirely plastic-free product range to promote a chemical-free, carbon-neutral, and plastic-free shopping experience. In a measure to promote an inclusive environment, the organisation works mostly with enterprises run by women from marginalised communities, artisans and specially-abled people.

#HGLoves their Diwali hamper.

Shop here for their festive collection.

Check out their Instagram here.

112. Ecoware

Founded in 2010 by Rhea Mazumdar Singhal, Ecoware is a one-stop-shop for eco-friendly products that are 100% natural, biodegradable, and easily affordable. It converts common crop waste into sustainable alternatives.

#HGLoves their Wooden Disposable Knife

Shop from their collection of sustainable wares here.

Check out their Instagram here.

113. For Earth’s Sake

This year, gift your loved ones a chance to better the world with eco-friendly and sustainable daily-use products by For Earth’s Sake.

Their Diwali Gift box includes vegan candles, cork diyas, a tote bag and much more.

Visit their website here.

Find them on Instagram here.

114. Oorjaa

Founded by lighting designer and founder of The Purple Turtles, Radeesh Shetty and Jenny Pinto, Oorjaa is a design studio that handcrafts sustainable material into beautiful lamps.

#HGLoves their Wabi Sabi collection.

You can check out more of their stuff here.

Check out their Instagram here.

115. PHOOL

Co-founded by Ankit Agarwal to clean the Ganga in Kanpur, PHOOL uses flowers from temples across India, and creates useful products such as rose incense cone, Phool vermicompost etc. Through this endeavour, around 11,060 metric tonnes of temple waste has been recycled till now.

#HGLoves their Phool Natural Incense Sticks – Oudh.

Check out their shop here, and their Instagram here.

116. Silaiwali

Providing fair employment and support to Afghani refugee women, Silaiwali up-cycles waste fabric generated from apparel scraps to create handcrafted decorations and awe-inspiring dolls. The dreams realised through these dolls and decorations make them even more special.

If you would like to know more about the brand, read how This Indian Social Enterprise is Training Refugee Women to Make Dolls From Fabric Waste

Find more here.

117. The Burlap People

The perfect sustainable option for a gift-set, The Burlap People’s Diwali hamper contains Mogra Tea by Ahista Tea and 3 tea samples, incense sticks collection by Phool, Ceramic Cha Khuri from Sienna, a Tiny Acre Broccoli Microgreens Grow kit, Burlap Coasters and a Bag for Life tote!

Look through more of Homegrown’s backpack suggestions here.

Find The Burlap People here.

118. Useless

Useless is a contemporary homegrown label started by two ad folks namely Jimmy Varghese and Hazarika Mayukh that aims to curate tees made from 100% textile waste. That’s 70% recycled cotton and 30% recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Gift your loved ones the chance to up their fashion game, all while they remain eco-friendly.

Read more about them here.

Explore their collection here.

119. Verth Box

‘Verth Box’ is India’s first eco-friendly and zero plastic subscription box. It is a bi-monthly delivered box, curated with five-six handpicked eco-conscious products from sustainable brands and homegrown artisans. With products ranging from daily essentials to accessories, our aim is to embed sustainable products into the lives of men and women, making it both accessible and affordable.

#HGLoves their Every Festival Box.

Check out their shop here, and their Instagram here.

120. 21 Fools

Divyanshu’s 21Fools is India’s biggest manufacturer of plantable seed paper and seed paper products. On this Diwali, to combat the rising pollution and deforestation, they have rolled out crackers ‘Beej Patakha’ that grows into a plant. With this new offering, 21fools aims to give a new perspective to this festival. Other than this, you can also find here plantable rakhi embedded with seeds, seed paper cards, seed paper calendars etc.

#HGLoves their Beej Patakha.

You can shop from them here.

Unconventional Gifts

121. Bleü Condoms

Holiday season is all about love, joy and fun and it’s no fun if your partner can’t join in, in the same way. Bleü condoms are India’s first non-toxic (free of toxin chemicals and carcinogens) and vegan external (usually referred to as male) condoms. These condoms are made from ethically-derived latex from pesticide-free forests. The sole focus of the woman-owned brand is sexual wellness and to empower women and encourage autonomy. They make for the perfect gift for your partner or friends.

Explore their collection here.

Find them on Instagram here.

122. MyMuse

Bringing about the realisation that intimacy is most definitely a form of self care, MyMuse’s Pulse body massager, lubricants, oils, and kits make for the perfect gift not just for your loved ones, but for yourself, too. This gifting season, let MyMuse help you reiterate the importance of wholesome wellness.

Take your pick from their products here.

Explore their Instagram page here.

123. The Big Book Box

Introduce or re-introduce someone to the joy of turning pages and churning stories by curating special book boxes for them at the Big Book Box.

Explore how here.

124. Crafterina

Greeting cards bring along their very own festive charm that is hard to ignore. Crafterina creates personalised gift cards that are minimal yet exquisite in their designs and are handcrafted by designer and artist Janvi Sharma.

Visit their Instagram here.

125. Notcoy

Go old-fashioned and send your friends and family the perfect little pocket of love in a relatably funny, minimalist greeting card.

Find Notcoy here.

126. Rekha Goyal

Rekha Goyal is a ceramic artist whose studio creates a boutique range of handmade tableware in ceramics.

#HGLoves their The Silent Mood art tiles.

You can shop for their products here.

Check out their Instagram here.

127. Rubberband

Minimal, modern and sleek lifestyle products like stationery and some furniture designed with thought seems like the perfect addition to a household. The pop of colour is just there for a bit of life! Look through more of Homegrown’s suggested stationery stores here.

#HGLoves their 2022 planner.

Shop Rubberband’s products here.

Find them on Instagram here.

128. Say It With A Pin

Pop culture encapsulated in pins, earrings and cufflinks – just the gift for your ramen-craving, all-for-quirky-catchphrases and pride-loving loved one! Read here to find out how the company came to be.

Take your pin pick here.

129. The Thought Co.

The ‘Banish Those Blues’ Box is an emotional care package targeted to help you recognise and help yourself through your difficult feelings. An Helping you with coping mechanisms and more, the box makes for a great gift for those who you know struggle with their emotions and mental health.

Buy the box here.

Find them on Instagram here

130. Ugly Diwali Sweaters by Verma Apparel

Why limit the joy of ugly sweaters to Christmas? Verma Apparel designs and produces Ugly Diwali Sweaters to diversify the South Asian diaspora’s festive experience. Sport your favourite design this Diwali, and get your friends a couple of these oh-so-ugly sweaters, too.

Find Verma Apparel here.

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