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‘What’s In The Breasts?’ Earrings Remind You Of The Beauty Of The Female Body

It is human nature to judge the people and things around us, but using those judgements to inflict any sort of discomfort to another person, or to demean them is unacceptable. Things as natural as belly fat, body hair and even freckles are treated as if they are unnatural occurrences. There may never be a situation where ridiculing a person for how their body is will be acceptable.

Ritumainty Mondal had always been insecure about the size of her breasts— not because something was wrong with them, but because she was made to believe they don’t fit the society’s desirable breast size. After years of playing victim to harsh judgement, she overcame her insecurities and created ‘What’s In The Breasts?’ earrings with Perthro Jewellery. The earrings serve as a reminder that all bodies, no matter what, are different and deserving of the same love and kindness.

“The upper circle represents the Mamilla or nipple that biologically helps women to deliver milk to their babies. The three oval structure represents the milk ducts, connected to three smaller circles representing the lobules, the glands that actually carry milk to nursing women,” Ritumainty explains the design.

Another trailblazing woman, Sarmistha Ghosh photographed the earrings and aptly captured the message they try to put across. With her own struggles with accepting her breasts the way they are, she was able to do complete justice to the earrings.

It would be unwise to assume that a piece of jewellery can fix the systemic issue of women facing backlash over their bodies, but they are definitely a token of courage, acceptance and beauty. It reminds you that – your body is wonderful and strong, and your breasts – perfect the way they are.

Check out Perthro Jewellery here.

You can find Sarmistha Ghosh here.

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