4 Homegrown Perfume Brands To Carry You Through 2021

4 Homegrown Perfume Brands To Carry You Through 2021

Are you particular about your scents? Or are you a serial perfume connoisseur who prides themselves on an elite fragrance collection? If the answer is yes, then this list is exactly what you need!

We’ve rounded up 4 homegrown perfume brands to keep you smelling good all throughout 2021.


A young and vibrant brand making its mark in the fragrance world, Aamod strives to bridge the gap of fine pleasant-smelling and luxurious scents at an affordable price. With a vivid range of fine fragrances that lets the customer indulge in luxury, the label’s aromatic scents include Champagne Du Roses, Tropical Voyage, and Vibrant Vetiver.

Check out the label’s scents here.


As the name signifies, the label stands out to be a contemporary fragrance house based out of Mumbai that aims to invoke a sweet memory every time you open a bottle of their long-lasting fragrances. If you want to experiment with succinct but not overpowering scents, then choose among aromatic alternatives like Calicut, Blushing Oud, and Musk.

Check out the label’s scents here.


This made-in-India brand binds notes of natural scents with countless memories, and we are here for it! Take a whiff of their refreshing perfumes named after incredible places all around India like Pink City, City Of Lakes, Goa, and Ladakh and upgrade your vanity!

Check out the label’s scents here.


NASO is an artisanal perfumery brand. With its refreshing culture and youthful approach to extenuate the rich set of authentic ingredients, it bursts with youthful energy in its very own ‘green’ way.

They use pure extract from herbs and spices in their signature fragrances. Natural Indian ‘attar’ functions as the base of these essences - making them free of all synthetic or artificial essences.

Check out the label’s scents here.

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