A Homegrown Brand Bringing Together Nagaland's Culture & Indigenous Art Into Jewellery

A Homegrown Brand Bringing Together Nagaland's Culture & Indigenous Art Into Jewellery
Runway Nagaland

India’s hidden gems in the form of design, art, and technique are rarely given enough appreciation or importance. Their culture and traditions may be spoken of, but they are also tangible through objects like clothes, jewellery, and accessories.

Runway Nagaland, an ‘all women artisans team, dedicated to preserving and promoting indigenous design and techniques of making Nagaland Jewellery’ is doing just that. Founder Nengneithem Hegna herself has not only proven women entrepreneurs’ grit and talent, but also fosters a similar environment for her women workforce. The label has been a part of the incubation and acceleration programmes by GIZ Her&Now that supports aspiring and existing women entrepreneurs across India.

With Naga-inspired tribal jewellery, Runway Nagaland’s collections are no less than luxurious. The brand itself says, ‘Handmade is luxury’ –– and it is, indeed. With the talent, design acumen, and hard work of its workforce apparent, each piece is unique and special. While the earrings and necklaces are all exquisite, our eyes are drawn to the Goulu Tribal bangles –– the rings of gold seem to almost caress one’s arm.

In addition to the awe-worthy jewellery, the Nagaland-based brand also gives us the option to choose from indulgent items such as scented candles (the dark chocolate/coconut vanilla/coffee is our top pick), home decor, maks, brooches, and more.

Indigenous and tribal practices do not often see the light of day in mainstream circles. Almost silenced, these traditional artisans from areas such as the wondrous North East are set aside. It is brands like Runway Nagaland that pave the way not only for their arts to receive due credit but also for women and under-resourced and under-represented groups to take ownership of their lives. Through income and agency, Runway Nagaland is a glorious example of what India should strive to be –– celebratory, inclusive, and teeming with artful creations.

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