Nayanika Chatterjee's New Music Video Is A Primal Dance Through Animated Eons

Hands Up
Hands UpNayanika Chatterjee

A new party anthem crafted by the collaborative genius of DJ Su Real, Jayhaan, and MC Zulu. The real spectacle, however, unfolds in its visually stunning music video meticulously animated by Mumbai-based artist Nayanika Chatterjee.

Envisioned as a celebration of Warli Art with a nod to Bhimbetka cave paintings, the video pays homage to the primal roots of human creativity. The narrative centers around three protagonists - a drummer, a shehnai player, and a singer wielding a primitive version of MC Zulu's signature megaphone. Through the lens of intricate, frame-by-frame digital hand-drawn animation, Nayanika brings this captivating tale to life, a process she generously shares through compelling storyboard drawings.

The video immerses itself in the earliest traces of human life and creativity in India. The symbolism is profound. The act of putting your 'hands up' is portrayed as leaving lasting handprints on the wall and is a metaphor for making a positive impact that reverberates through generations.

Su Real, a pioneer in Trap, Reggaeton, and Desi Bass, collaborates with Mumbai's Jayhaan, renowned for his Bollywood remixes and the popularization of Jersey Club in India. MC Zulu, a global bass icon, contributes his reggae-infused vocals, creating a sonic synergy that transcends boundaries.

The musical landscape of 'Hands Up' mirrors its visual brilliance. Rooted in the Desi bass style popularized by Nucleya, the track seamlessly fuses Indian folk music with Western club beats, while adding Jersey club and trap rhythms. The shehnai and Maharashtrian percussions pave the way to the dancefloor, while the commanding vocals of electro-reggae pioneer MC Zulu command hands to rise in unison.

The animated spectacle unfolds as the three protagonists unite their community of humans and animals through the universal language of music and dance. As the rhythms resonate, the video bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary creativity, celebrating ancient cultural heritage in a new light.

Watch the music video below.