Karan Kalra Paints A Vivid Picture Of The ‘Organised Chaos’ Of Delhi's Streets

Dehli's 'Organized Chaos'
Dehli's 'Organized Chaos'Karan Kalra

"Been to many corners of the world but I've never seen anything nearly as unique or beautiful as New Delhi, yeh sheher nahi.... mehfil he"

Anyone who lives in Delhi, has a love-hate relationship with the city. Primarily because it is the land of overwhelming sound, smell and visuals; a melting pot of culture and identity. By simply stepping out on the street, one can encounter unique eccentricities and also become bogged down with the constant noise of street vendors, local DTC buses and a staggering amount of traffic.

However the beauty of Delhi is the fact that people from all walks of life come face to face in this city and communities from all over India find their homes in its unique corners. Living in the cradle of heritage, one can attend grand Durga Puja celebrations in CR Park, partake in langar at historical Gurdwaras and experience the magic of Qawwali at Nizamuddin. 

Summarising this ‘organised chaos’ in his recent artwork, Karan Kalra employs a variety Bollywood references and cultural nuances to paint a vibrant picture of quintessential Dilli. On zooming in you'll notice specific detailing that draws on the smallest intricacies that capture the everyday lives of Delhites and their surrounding environment. 

The chaos-fueled imagery leans into the everyday side of the city that escapes its visitors. This illustration is an ode to the residents of the land who choose to partake in this beautiful mess every single day; the ones who appreciate the duality of Delhi, in the vivid and dynamic life of local streets beyond pristine monuments. 

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