A Homegrown Guide To Delhi’s Iconic Chole Bhature Spots

A Homegrown Guide To Delhi’s Iconic Chole Bhature Spots
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Delhi is a heritage destination that has some of the most historic places in our country. As a visitor you are exposed to a huge variety of influences left behind from different invasions. Beyond the glory of its architecture and history, the capital is also famous for a variety of iconic delicacies.

One such being the famous Chole Bhature which is a staple dish amongst all residents of the city. From the nooks and corners of narrow streets to fine-dining restaurants, almost each eatery in Delhi carries their own rendition of the recipe. Here’s a homegrown guide to the local spots in Delhi serving the most flavourful versions of Chole Bhature.  

I. Sita Ram Diwan Chand

Where: Near Imperial Cinema, Paharganj

Serving since 1950’s, the iconic spot Sita Ram located in Paharganj delivers a full plate of soul-satisfying Chole Bhature. The chole are cooked in a hearty blend of rich spices and seasoning, infused with truckloads of flavour. Additionally, the wholesome bhaturas carry a unique texture as they are stuffed with grated paneer. Available at an affordable price, you can purchase this exquisite meal just for as low as ₹70.

II. Kwality Restaurant

Where: Shop no. 7, Regal Building, Sansad Marg

Delhi’s street food has also made a space for itself in fine-dining restaurants around the city. Kwality is a household name in Connaught Place and they serve the local cuisine to honour the city’s age-old culinary heritage. Their presentation is elegant and sophisticated but does not miss on the real charm of the dish as it still carries a generous influx of flavours. The restaurant stands out in one special regard as their chole is not completely dominated with masala, unlike other competitors. Apart from the classic dish, some other favourites are Khati Meethi Gobi and Paneer Cutlets.

III. Chache Di Hatti

Where: D- 32, Bungalow Road, Kamla Nagar

The pocket friendly choice, Chache Di Hatti is an iconic spot in Delhi and is also deemed as being for true connoisseurs of Chole Bhature. Wrapped up in a rich aroma, their Bhaturas have an extra layer of goodness with a heartily filling of crispy potato filling. Served with a unique tangy chutney and generous rings of onion, they place immense importance on the presentation in addition to the rich taste. The mouth-watering delicacy is available at a small sum of ₹60 only.

IV. Bengali Sweet House

Where: 27-29, Bengali Market, Mandi House, New Delhi

Located in the heart of Delhi, Bengali Sweet House is a legendary spot serving the most authentic dishes. The decades-old restaurant presents a piping hot plate of Chole Bhature with the most flavourful chutney and chole and their soft bhature will surely have you hooked. Beyond the iconic dish, they also serve a wide array of scintillating mithai (sweets) and chaats. Do try their original Bengali desserts such as Sandesh and Cham Cham. 

V. Baba Nagpal Corner

Where: 7/25, Old Double Storey, Gupta Market, Lajpat Nagar IV

An eatery that is quite popular amongst the masses, Baba Nagpal Corner sees a huge influx of young students, corporate workers and acts a place to halt for auto-wallas. The spot is such a crowd-magnet due to their authentic servings of street food. If you are a food lover, do treat yourself with their golden bhatura’s that are complimented with flavourful chole prepared in rich spices. The stellar dish is available at an affordable price of ₹85 only. 

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