Kavya Takes Us On A Time-Traveling Sonic Journey In Her Latest Music Video

Seal It
Seal ItKavya

Delhi-based singer-songwriter, recording and performing artist, Kavya Trehan is a gem of a musician in the contemporary Indian experimental electronic music scene. Evolution is to experimental artists what the River Nile is to Egyptians. Kavya’s body of work is full of inventions — her style constantly evolving with each new track she releases. And with a genre like electronica, experimentation has no boundaries. However, like all good experimenters, Kavya is looking to combine multiple disciplines, primarily dance, music and visuals. She once shared on the Apple Music platform that “creating a live production where dancers and visual artists interact in real time” is on her bucket list. Though not real-time, Kavya, in collaboration with talented music producer Kalmi, has translated that wish of hers into a masterfully crafted music video of her song, Seal It.

Seal It
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The music video unfolds in two segments— in the beginning, the trip-hop electro beats accompanied by Kavya’s sultry vocals and actor Ahmed Laissaoui’s improvised dance routine take the viewers back to their 2019 earlier style. The second segment ushers in more more contemporary energy - a reflection of their evolved styles in 2023.” Along with Kavya, Kalmi and Laissaoui’s inputs, the reason behind the music video becoming a cinematic sonic experience is the director, Ksheetij Saini, who initially shot it as just a “fun video” and later, developed it into its present form.

Seal It explores the themes of love, loss, search for acceptance, death, exhaustion, angst, loneliness and how one must carry on despite it all. It takes you on a magic-swirling time-traveling sonic journey, delving into the evolving creative landscapes of these artists. Immerse yourself in past and present melodies, and witness the ever-changing currents of their collaborative artistry.

It's a track about endings. I always wondered what I would write, maybe a letter, maybe a song. The last paragraph explores the conflict between knowing that all life comes to an end and the desperation and angst of not living it to the fullest knowing the same.


At the age of 14, when Kavya snuck into a jam room to play the drums, she unknowingly began her long-standing relationship with music. However, it was in 2016, when she started writing songs with Ablenton, that she came in touch with her inner creative experimental forces. Ever since, she has been releasing several originals that exude an R&B, electronic and indie-pop feel. In Seal It, as with almost all her track, you will find strong personal emotions being the propelling force driving her artistry. After all, the most touching form of art is the kind that reveals the true nature of the creator behind it.

Seal It
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Watch the music video below:

Find out more about Kavya and her music here.

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