Rohan Solomon's 'Strung Out To Dry' Blends An Orchestral Symphony With Contemporary Rock

Rohan Solomon's 'Strung Out To Dry' Blends An Orchestral Symphony With Contemporary Rock

What do you get when orchestral symphony meets contemporary rock? A concoction of original sounds that has come to life in Rohan Solomon’s latest fusion album, Strung Out To Dry. Released on October 12, 2023, it is a conceptual and orchestral masterpiece that seamlessly blends cinematic grandeur with contemporary sensibilities. With its timeless yet modern sound, this album takes listeners on an unforgettable journey through the highs and lows of the various stages of the singer-songwriter’s life — inviting us to explore our own emotions that personally resonate with Solomon’s experiences. Backed by a band of guitars, bass, piano, and drums, each track is enriched by the symphonic embrace of a full orchestra, creating a truly immersive and cinematic experience.

Rohan Solomon's 'Strung Out To Dry' Blends An Orchestral Symphony With Contemporary Rock
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As Rohan embarked on creating Strung Out To Dry, he faced the challenge of selecting songs that would form the album's overarching narrative. Each song, whether written a long time back or freshly composed, possessed its own distinct story and emotional tone. The task lay in harmonizing these individual tales to convey the protagonist's journey seamlessly. The result is a deeply woven story that unfolds through each track, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the protagonist's evolution. The album unfolds like a well-structured drama, divided into three acts. Each song is a different puzzle, fitted carefully within the overlay of the album, to create a grand narrative that describes each chapter in Solomon’s life:


The album's opening overture beckons us with the enchantment of a full symphony orchestra. The resplendence of violins, cellos, brass, and woodwinds carries us on a mesmerizing auditory journey, transcending reality and immersing us in the world of the story's protagonist.

Hear Your Call

Igniting the album with a burst of classic rock energy, Hear Your Call becomes an anthem of universal longing for that elusive connection. Thunderous electric guitars and pulsating drums propel us forward, as we embark on a quest for that special someone.

Set Me Free

In the introspective depths of Set Me Free, the protagonist realizes the mismatch in his current relationship. This pop/rock-infused track resonates with captivating three-part harmonies, amplifying the emotional depth and inviting listeners to embrace the liberating power of self-discovery.

You Are History

With a solitary acoustic guitar and heartfelt vocals, You Are History paints a poignant picture of the protagonist's escape from a toxic relationship. The song gradually builds, reaching an intense crescendo with the full band, evoking the cathartic release of letting go.

Without a Trace

Introspection takes center stage in Without a Trace, as the protagonist seeks to unravel the purpose of his existence, now unburdened by past entanglements. This contemplative piece invites listeners to reflect on their journey of self-discovery, while the music weaves a tapestry of introspective melodies.


A gentle reminder that our roots provide solace amidst life's tempestuous moments, Home envelops listeners in a comforting embrace. Its soothing melodies and heartfelt lyrics evoke a sense of belonging, offering solace and reassurance during times of uncertainty.

Here With You

In the somber embrace of Here With You, the leading man grapples with the profound loss of a friend to a drug overdose. This acoustic-driven composition captures the raw emotions of grief, inviting listeners to share in the protagonist's journey of healing and remembrance.


Delving into the depths of mental health complexities, Depression resonates with the artist's personal experiences and heartfelt understanding. This introspective track sheds light on the struggles and challenges of navigating the labyrinthine corridors of depression, fostering empathy and compassion.

Victoria's Secret

Unveiling the veiled realities of today's world, Victoria's Secret casts a haunting spell. Its ethereal composition, driven by minor 7th chords, intertwines with the orchestral elements, creating an enigmatic atmosphere that invites listeners to explore the hidden truths beneath the surface.


Act 2 unfolds with Serenity, as the protagonist finds solace in returning to his hillside home. This tranquil folk/pop gem exudes a sense of peace and tranquility, transporting listeners to a serene haven amidst the narrative's twists and turns.


Connection surges forth with newfound clarity, rekindling the leading man's passion and drive. Its infectious energy and uplifting melodies inspire listeners to embrace their own sense of purpose, igniting the spark of connection that fuels their journey.

Deja Vu

Exploring the universal nature of life's struggles, Deja Vu reminds us that challenges persist regardless of our location. This introspective track delves into the cyclical nature of existence, inviting listeners to reflect on the patterns and lessons that shape their own lives.


Introducing Act 3, Croatia immerses us in a tale of love's intoxicating allure, despite the inherent risks. This flagship song seamlessly blends rock vibes with orchestral elements, creating a dynamic and captivating soundscape that mirrors the protagonist's emotional journey.

Check out the music video below:

Rohan Solomon's 'Strung Out To Dry' Blends An Orchestral Symphony With Contemporary Rock
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Hello Goodbye

Driven by the tender strums of the ukulele and the embrace of delicate strings, Hello Goodbye unfolds as a sweet ballad. It delicately captures the fleeting yet impactful nature of a short-lived relationship, evoking a sense of wistful nostalgia and the bittersweet beauty of transient connections.


As the narrative nears its conclusion, Hope emerges as a beacon of possibility. The protagonist learns from past mistakes, rekindling his sense of purpose and drive. This uplifting track carries a message of resilience and optimism, inspiring listeners to embrace the transformative power of hope.

Keep Holding On

The album's grand finale, Keep Holding On encapsulates the protagonist's durable optimism even amidst all the hardships. It emerges as a pop/rock anthem, adorned with choir-style vocals, symbolizing the indomitable spirit that emerged during the social isolation owing to the lockdown during the pandemic. This version of the song, originally released as a single in 2020, serves as a testament to the protagonist's unwavering determination and offers a resounding message of hope to all who personally relate to the singer-songwriter’s struggles. The album ends on a powerfully positive note.

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About the artist

Rohan Solomon is a singer-songwriter, composer and producer based out of New Delhi and New York. The former Cyanide frontman has been developing a dialogue between the populist formats of music and the grandeur of a symphony orchestra for quite some time. He is also a Grammy-submitted producer and artist, who has claimed top spots in global radio charts, including Euro Indie Music Charts and World Indie Music Charts. Recently, he also renewed his commitment to mental health awareness with his 2023 releases Serenity and Happy Place — both of which were well received.

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