'Stories From Goan Houses' Is A Heartfelt Tribute To Goan Culture & Architecture

Stories From Goan Houses
Stories From Goan HousesStories From Goan Houses

While a certain image of Goa is held by most Indians who view it in the singular light of a tourist spot, the reality of the interesting state stands to be very different. It is the culture and rich heritage of the land that shines through on the ordinary streets. When one looks around, each building narrates the untold story hidden in its architecture.

Beyond this, people who reside in Goa do not however see the state through its peculiarities but as home, as it has become a normalised part of their day to day life. They have been seeing these houses and their architecture from childhood. In fact it is part of their folklore and old family pictures, considering several generations of their family have resided here. 

Writer Heta Pandit who has written several books on Goa expands on this notion in her recent book ‘Stories From Goan Houses’. It features 21 homes, with photographs by Daniel D*Souza. Additionally Nisha Albuquerque has designed the title which happens to speak to the photographs according to Pandit. Artist-sculptor Bianca Menezes has also mapped out the birds eye view of every house that has been featured. 

The writer elaborates on the intricate, beautiful and artistic architecture of Goa which has a rich history of its own. Made of local and indigenous material these buildings have strong Portuguese influences. Many people of Catholic faith have also embedded religious signs over different areas of the houses. They are traditional yet vibrant and easily distinguishable from one another. 

Further delving into the unique past of individual families who share the stories behind the creation of each different part of their house. Taking it back centuries into their ancestry and sharing local legends, stories and myths from growing up in Goa. These are stories of families who have helped shape the state, played important roles and chosen to turn Goan houses around.  

Intended as a reference material for those studying the cultural and social history of Goa, as well as a heartfelt tribute to the Goan spirit that resides in these homes. The book is spreading awareness about the state's heritage and frames Goa as a unique melting pot of tradition and contemporary development. 

Find the book here.

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