Head To These Goan Homestays For A Perfectly Susegad Stay

Head To These Goan Homestays For A Perfectly Susegad Stay
(L) Casa Galgibaga ; Elsewhere (R)

Every Goa plan ever begins and (mostly) never ends. One of the most tedious tasks in this process is to find accommodation. Getting everyone to agree on a place that fits all needs and wants is an uphill battle. Is a hotel too fancy for Goa and a hostel too rudimentary?

The middle ground lies in our favourite, homestays! It feels like the best of both worlds — somewhat familiar and comfortable as it is back home, yet the aspect of luxury is omnipresent. Usually accompanied by large open spaces, these homes not only offer you a lovely place for your vacation but also lend a slice of culture. From some of their structures and furniture to food, all of these factors make for a perfect Goan getaway.

To urge you to make the most of your Goa trip, we would like to give you a small Goa homestay guide!

I. Arco Iris

In proximity to the Zuari river in Goa, Arco Iris is a Neermana Hotels property. A ‘noble home’ as they call it, the bungalow keeps one far away from the loudness that Goa is usually famous for. It makes space for an experience of relaxation and tranquillity.

The yellow-accented outdoors give the home a fun feeling, while indoors it seems as regal as ever. With a lovely strip of central lawn, Arco Iris has it all - spacious rooms, beautiful decor, and some much-needed open space.

Find Arco Iris here.

II. Bate Papo

If you’re on the lookout for a Susegad-esque stay but one of the criteria is pet friendly, look no further. Bate Papo is not just the perfect place for you, but also for your fur babies. Run by Baneen Karachiwala and Rohit D’Cruz, this homestay is cosy, exciting, and always occupied by lovely little pets. Their rooms are as enchanting as it gets and the meals here are top-notch.

Bate Papo is proudly Goan and does not shy away from giving a slice of its life to you in a matter of days. Good food, great hosts and all with the company of your pets.

Find out more about Bate Papo here.

You can find them here.

III. Casa Galgibaga

Casa Galgibaga is as Goan as it gets. Right on the beach, you have the option to stay in one of the two Indo-Portuguese style huts. From here, you can also easily access hills as well as rivers. With the availability of local Goan food, Galgibaga also allows pets on their property, making your prospective stay even better.

If you ask, you may also be able to accompany the boatmen on a fishing trip!

Find out more about Casa Galgibaga here.

You can also find them here.

Image Courtesy: Casa Galgibaga

IV. Elsewhere

Founded way back in 1886 by Anjelo Zeferino Sequeira, Elsewhere is one of the most serene locations for a homestay in Goa. Right by the beach, Elsewhere gives you the opportunity to view the sunset right from your room. If you visit during the correct period of time, you might even be able to witness the hatching of Marine Turtles! Close to fauna, you will also be able to spot several species of birds and maybe even otters.

Their simple and elegant indoor setting draw us to it even more and make imagining a most wondrous stay there extremely easy.

Find Elsewhere here.

Image Courtesy: Elsewhere

V. Villa Saudade

This luxurious homestay is a 400-year-old Portuguese bungalow that has been renovated and redesigned wonderfully. Now a light aqua blue homestay, this structure maintains all its cultural integrity but is highlighted by the tastes of today. The amount of natural light it gets seems like a luxury.

Each corner more appealing than the next, this home includes local textiles and art from Goan markets and artists respectively. It almost makes you never want to leave!

Find out more about Villa Saudade here.

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