The New Delhi Government Is Taking An Innovative Approach To Classroom Infrastructure

The New Delhi Government Is Taking An Innovative Approach To Classroom Infrastructure

With a population of 140.76 crores, India is the second most populated country in the world. That’s one thing we are not trying to surpass China. The capital city of New Delhi alone has a population of 15,217,000. In such a heavily populated city like Delhi, space has become a luxurious commodity. But that cannot get in the way of setting up schools and educating our future generations. Creative solutions are needed to provide classrooms for children. One such ingenious solution that has cropped up is the use of shipping containers, which are now being converted into classrooms.

The idea was first implemented in 2017 in one of the government schools in South Delhi when the school was witnessing a major space crunch and building new classrooms was not an option. The shipping containers were acquired from the nearby container terminal and were fitted with windows, doors, and electrical fittings including air conditioners, and then painted over with bright colors. Provisions were also made for modern teaching aids such as whiteboards, projectors, and computers. The children immediately took a shine to it. The bright colors and creative design of the containers made learning a fun-filled experience for them.

After the success of the first project in South Delhi, more than 50 schools across Delhi have replicated the idea. This concept has also opened up new avenues for entrepreneurs. Several startups have now come up that specialize in the conversion of shipping containers into classrooms, offices, and even homes. You will be amazed by some of the custom-designed homes and offices that these companies have designed. There are some marvelous luxury homes as well, in and around the Delhi-NCR area. It is wonder initiative where after traveling the seven seas, shipping containers are finding a new purpose with this sustainable form of construction.

A shipping container house in India
A shipping container house in Indiasquare yards

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