Learn Carpentry Or Buy Hand-Crafted Wooden Furniture From A Boutique Studio In Mysuru

The Bram Woodworking Studio
The Bram Woodworking StudioThe Bram Woodworking Studio

A part of me has always wanted to learn the art of carpentry, become a woodcutter and go settle in the forest. I would then chop down trees with an axe, make a small log cabin and a few pieces of furniture to make my stay comfortable. Alas, the grind of modernity has tied me down. The hustle and bustle of city life have almost diminished this childhood dream of mine. But there is a modern solution to that.

Even while residing in your city house you can be surrounded by wonderful custom-made works of carpentry that will cater to your earthy, wooden aesthetics. The Bram Woodworking Studio in Mysore, Karnataka is a team of highly skilled carpenters and designers who offer their customers the design and manufacture of custom-made furniture and unique spaces. They help create pieces of furniture that transform your ideas and aesthetics into solid-wood masterpieces. Starting from beautifully crafted furniture in the Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, and more such exquisite architectural styles, to small objects such as table lamps, jewelry boxes, kitchen utensils, and incense stick diffusers, they have a wide range of variety for their customers.

A crafted dining table
A crafted dining tableBram Woodworking Studio
L: Table Lamp R: Incense stick diffuser
L: Table Lamp R: Incense stick diffuserBram Woodworking Studio

But what about that childhood dream of being a carpenter that I had? Well, maybe I can’t go live in the forest just yet but the Bram Woodworking Studio does teach you the art of carpentry so that you can craft your own dream furniture. BWS believes in the policy of skill sharing to propagate knowledge and enable individuals to create on their own using carpentry techniques. They offer a base one-week (six days) woodworking training to individuals. Individuals work alongside their carpenters and get to practice carpentry with skilled guidance in a safe environment. The training includes two woodworking exercises. There is no prior knowledge required for this beginner’s course. If the applicants want to hone their skills further, they can continue training under their expert guidance. Two of their basic exercises include The Knot, which is an exercise involving tracing and cutting lap joints. The second one is Viking Chair, an exercise in angle cuts. These two exercises are carried out with only hand tools. There is also a provision for those who have experience in woodworking and wish to use the studio’s facilities as a maker space.

BWS's workshop in progress
BWS's workshop in progressRAHULVINOD

The studio’s founder Bram Rouws is a master carpenter, trained by an exclusive guild of artisans in France called the Compagnon. Since 2004, he has acquired diverse professional experience by working in different artistic environments. With his experience, BWS is a studio that offers both ornamental and contemporary design, as well as the restoration of antique furniture, and makes the workshops a thoroughly enriching experience.

So, whether you want to learn the art of carpentry or buy some exquisite hand-made sustainable furniture, look no further than The Bram Woodworking Studio.

You can find out more about the studio here.

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