#HGExplore: Here's Where You Can Find The Best Antique Furniture In Mumbai

#HGExplore: Here's Where You Can Find The Best Antique Furniture In Mumbai
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There is something about a furniture piece that holds onto the idiosyncratic sensibilities of a different era. Removed from the hyperactive trends of today, they are reminiscent of a unique time in history and associated with the close memories of another family. It is through such decadent pieces that we feel connected across space and time.

They tend to bring a wealth of design and personality to any corner in the house; reflecting individuality and taste. Additionally this approach of buying old pieces also reduces the amount of material waste created in discarding and building new items. If you are also looking to invest in the experience of buying antique furniture pieces, here are a few vintage stores in Mumbai housing carefully curated collections from different ages. 

Ali’s Handicrafts

A treasure trove of all things vintage, Ali’s Handicrafts is a hidden gem situated in the bylanes of Colaba. Ali spoke to LLB about sourcing his pieces from Maharashtra, Gujarat, and even South India, making his way to houses in villages and far-flung locations. One can find old-school lamps, elaborate chandeliers and unique furniture pieces made of durable material around the shop. Beyond these they also have an expansive collection of ancient locks, polaroid postcards and vinyl records of classic songs by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishor Da.


A showroom dealing in old collectable items and decorative pieces since the 1960's, Taherally's is a spacious store situated in Lower Parel. One can spot fine French silverware, plaid trunks and other unique pieces for home decor. Furthermore they have the largest selection of Hundis (glass lanterns) and also store specialised decor such as Chinese woodwork cupboards and miniatures of American pool tables. 

Phillips Antique 

A family owned business that opened back in 1860, Phillips Antique’s is a store situated in the heart of Mumbai’s heritage district. The Indo-gothic style building houses specialised items from different Indian art movements as well as folk and tribal antiques. One can buy original ornaments and furniture items as every piece is vetted for age, condition and authenticity. The range of their collection incorporates Oriental and European pottery, antique maps and old religious showpieces as well. 

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