Treat Your Furry Friends With These Homegrown Pet Furniture Brands

Treat Your Furry Friends With These Homegrown Pet Furniture Brands
Obi & Jerry Carpentry

Nothing compares to a cosy nap after a tiring day or even merely lounging on your sofa to unwind. While we enjoy these handcrafted comforts why should our furry companions be left behind? With the aim of offering a modern and contemporary lifestyle to pets, these homegrown companies have set out on providing furniture for your pet friends.

When two engineers Shruti Gotarkar and Gaurav Singh met they combined Shruti’s love for DIY home decor with their common love for their adopted cats and came up with their homegrown pet furniture brand, Chota Pakoda. They claim, “Chota Pakoda is the love child of these two individuals with active right brain hemispheres.”

As per their own website, their aim has always been “to fulfil the wishes of loving pet owners to provide comforting niches for their pets to rest, to sulk and …of course, to click unbelievably cute pictures.”

Focusing on what is essential to your pet’s needs, the raw material for their handcrafted products is sourced from all over the world.

Take a look at their products here.

Founded in 2019 by Priya Singh, Dogily is a female-led homegrown brand that as the name suggests, focuses primarily on dogs. They offer dog sofas, anti-anxiety dog sofas (to help ease stress and anxiety and promote restful sleep), dog beds, and dog houses.

Wanting to provide both comfort and style for pets, their primary inspiration for their products has been high-quality craftsmanship that is seen in fine furniture. Their core goal though is to design and manufacture premium products that are durable, functional, and detailed.

Take a look at their products here.

For the owners of Obi & Jerry, personal experience led them onto this journey of owning a pet furniture company. Inspiration can strike anytime and in their case it was their two dogs—Obi and Jerry. In their own words, “Both were large lards of love and unwavering companions. But losing them made me realise I didn’t want to be just a spectator in the lives of creatures who had given me so much. I wanted to use what I have and help make a change, however incremental in their lives.”

Restricted by the limited options for pet furniture and in an ode to their dogs, they decided to come up with a contemporary and durable pet furniture brand. With sustainability at their core, they source the wood for their products only from certified forest-friendly and reforestation certified producers. “With O&J we’re providing high-quality, consciously made designs that raise the bar above tacky and conventional food stands and mattresses currently available in the market,” they added.

Take a look at their products here.

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