Salt Is A Homegrown Brand Shaping Indian Oral Care With A Purpose

each product from Salt is created after deep research and meticulous product development assessments.
each product from Salt is created after deep research and meticulous product development assessments. Salt

When it comes to oral care, most of us have our routines locked down. Brush, floss, and rinse — it's a mindless routine we've been doing since childhood. But the other side of it is that we’ve got the habit down to an afterthought — something you do barely awake, without any intention. Oral hygiene and wellness are important aspects of one's overall health and wellness and warrant much more attention. From giving you the confidence to laugh out loud to prevent major health issues, dental hygiene is a key aspect of wellness that deserves more attention. Led by these same thoughts, Salt Oral Care is a homegrown brand founded by Karan Raj Kohli and Viraj Kapur, to provide targeted, science-backed oral care for all. 

Leading with their tagline of ‘Rituals Reimagined’, each product from Salt is created after deep research and meticulous product development assessments. According to the brand, “We’ve always ensured we maintain our standards instead of opting for shortcuts. Right from due diligence on natural raw materials, eliminating toxic elements, re-checking the effects of ingredient combinations to testing the finished product allowed us to become an authentic, 100% safe brand.” By working with seasoned experts and innovative young talent alike, Salt has been able to create nature-inspired solutions blended with the latest technology, all while staying true to its core principles. 

The range of products from Salt currently includes Tooth Colour Correctors, Tooth Powder, Tooth Pastes, Mouthwash, Mouth Spray, Teeth Whitening Pen, Toothpaste Squeezer Key, Toothbrush, and even a Water Flosser. The website is also designed in a solution-oriented manner, categorising the products under the oral care concerns they can alleviate - from pH Balance to Teeth Whitening. These toxin-free, sustainable and safe products are developed to root cause of each problem after gathering global oral care data from reliable sources. The team of Doctorate holders, Dentists, experienced MDS of varying specialisations and expert product developers are pioneering with a purpose at Salt. Their team includes dental surgeons like Dr Viraj, Dr Stuti & Prof. Dr. Ameya as well as their expert R&D team. Their innovations are led by their continuous effort to understand the demand concerning oral care, and the potential rise in concerns and to provide solutions for the same. 

Salt is focused on ensuring ethical production practices every step of the way. They employ a cruelty-free and sustainable approach towards product testing and development. Their dedication towards ethical production also concerns their ingredient sourcing as well. They acquire most of the ingredients from nature and ensure that they are food-grade. While oral care products might require certain science-led ingredients, they employ technology as best as they can to ensure the products are paraben-free, peroxide-free,triclosan-free, carrageenan-free, fluoride-free and GMO-free. Keeping environmental considerations in mind, they try to employ ethical practices - from traceability of raw materials to eco-friendly packaging solutions to reducing waste generation and proper disposal of hazardous materials. 

Whether you are looking to go a step further from your usual beauty and wellness routine to include oral care in the mix or you are looking for a solution for a particular concern, Salt is a homegrown brand that you can turn to. 

You can explore their collection here.

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