Reflekt Sustainables: An Eco-Conscious, Zero-Waste Home Care Brand

Reflekt Sustainables: An Eco-Conscious, Zero-Waste Home Care Brand
Reflekt Sustainables

Efforts to move to a more eco-conscious life call for a lot of resources that did not exist years ago. Plastic bags were the only choice for grocery shopping, throwing away old clothes seemed to be the only option, and so on. The concept of replenishing an item and elongating its life seemed ideal, but one couldn’t do it without any effort from the manufacturers themselves.

Reflekt Sustainables, a no-waste, vegan, toxin and cruelty-free home care brand, is aiming to change this. On a yearly basis, each household would produce quite a significant amount of waste –– anywhere between 30-40 plastic bottles worth –– and Reflekt aimed to tackle this large number.

Image Courtesy: Reflekt Sustainables

The brand gives us zero waste solutions to everyday items such as hand washes, detergents, toothbrushes, kitchen cleaners, and more. Contrary to refills of these products that one would otherwise have to purchase yet another plastic-packaged item for, here’s how their refillable products work –– you purchase their forever-reusable bottle, and when the product is over, you simply add water to their smart tablet, and voila, you’ve got a renewed bottle of the desired product.

The courtesy of toxin-free and zero waste extends to all their other products, too. Their minimal yet beautiful packaging makes their range desirable by all means.

Reflekt’s ideology stems from a simple question –– if the climate is changing, why aren’t we? Their daily-use products can make a dent in a household’s average waste production, and ultimately nudge the world to a place where pollutants are minimal. Each discarded non-biodegradable object causes long-term damage to the environment and its inhabitants, and Reflekt Sustainables can help us bring that negative impact down.

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