Visit A Luxury Ayurvedic Wellness Retreat In The Serene Forests Of Uttar Pradesh

Shatam Jeeva promotes conscious and healthy living through a holistic approach of Ayurveda, Yoga, and a Sattvic lifestyle.
Shatam Jeeva promotes conscious and healthy living through a holistic approach of Ayurveda, Yoga, and a Sattvic lifestyle.Shatam Jeeva

Cultivating holistic well being with ancient Ayurvedic practices, Shatam Jeeva is a wellness retreat located amidst a man-made forest in Jhansi, UP. It's designed to promote conscious and healthy living through a holistic approach of Ayurveda, Yoga, and a Sattvic lifestyle. With treatments, inclusive programs, healing workshops, guided meditations, nourishing cuisine, and premier Ayurveda specialists, Shatam Jeeva enables longevity, rejuvenation, and vitality.

An aerial view of the retreat
An aerial view of the retreatShatam Jeeva

When Pandit Ramesh Kumar Sharma first found Shatam Jeeva's land in 1983 by it was barren and infertile. Being a visionary, philanthropist and social worker, Ramesh planted over one lakh trees by 1994, creating a 100-acre farm. He meticulously selected the land for the wellness center, procuring medicinal plants and trees from various regions of the country, along the soil that came with them, to unify disparate cultures. They were planet in four-by-four feet deep filled with organic manure and bamboo trees were strategically placed around the farm's perimeter to keep wild animals from entering. He also sourced water for the trees from a nearby dam reservoir directing it through a hillock to the farm.

Ayurvedic goodness
Ayurvedic goodnessShatam Jeeva

The farm has since become a way for the Sharma family to honour their late father. Since 1960, the family has been in service to their community through Sharmayu, a homegrown herbal brand that produces Ayurvedic medicine. Under the guidance of their mother Anuradha Sharma, a prominent social worker and activist, the family created Shatam Jeeva to make Ayurveda accessible and introduce people to the sattvic way of life.

Customized therapies
Customized therapiesShatam Jeeva

Shatam Jeeva offers a range of therapeutic ayurvedic experiences, from Abhyanga to Shirodhara, all performed by expert therapists and doctors. They also have in-house doctors who individually diagnose each guest before prescribing the final course of therapies, dietary guidelines, and wellness activities. All herbs, medicinal plants or 'jarhi bootis' that are used for the treatments are grown within the farm's estate and offer unmatched quality and purity. The guests can also take home organic ayurvedic products like Amla juice and Ashwagandha biscuits made from locally grown ingredients.

Restaurant and herbal cafe
Restaurant and herbal cafeShatam Jeeva

The in-house Cafe Ira and the Herbal Juice Bar at Shatam Jeeva enable guests to experience the core flavours of local and 100% organic produce through sattvic and vegetarian food that is well suited to the cafe's farm-to-table dining experience. The estate also offers interactive activities such as plucking your own vegetables and interactions with the chefs to exchange healthy tips and recipes.

Activities like tree-planting and forest bathing
Activities like tree-planting and forest bathingShatam Jeeva

In addition to Ayurvedic therapies and sattvic cuisine, Shatam Jeeva offers an array of indoor and outdoor adventures centred around the concept of ‘Panchkaram’ or the five elements of Ayurveda, namely Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. From tree-hugging, art therapy, Agni Shuddhi and nature walks to cow feeding, pottery and tree planting, the estate provides mindfulness-promoting activities to ensure a soul-rejuvenating experience.

The retreat at night
The retreat at nightShatam Jeeva

Shatam Jeeva is the perfect retreat for spiritualists and anyone who is looking to adopt a conscious lifestyle. It offers transformative experiences and intrinsically holistic journeys for the guests to develop a connection with themselves and allows them to bring balance and harmony to their mind, body, and spirit.

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