Spend Your Summer At This Homestay Under The Starry Skies Of Himachal

Whispering Pines Cottages
Whispering Pines CottagesWhispering Pines Cottages

Our younger selves that would get excited for summer vacations months before and just bask in the anticipation of a family trip are probably still in there. In adulthood, we just seek relaxation more. Perhaps that is why as soon as the summer hits an to get somewhere cooler and chill out exvelopes us. For those who are looking for a vacation like this, one that doesn't involve any thrilling adventures but just romanticizing your life in the apple orchards and maybe writing some poetry, we have the perfect homestay for you.

In Tandi village of Himachal Pradesh, about 8 km from Jibhi market, sits a gorgeous wooden home on the mountain's edge where you can gaze at the pine forests shrouded in mist and blue skies that stretch till the horizon. You can go on a walk along the surrounding apple and pear orchards or wheat and maize fields or sip on some wine on the lawn as you snuggle under Himachal's starry skies.

At Whispering Pines you have the option to eat some traditional Himachali food, and everything from Malabar Biryani and Upma to Himalayan Trout and Siddu prepared by the hosts or head to the array of cafes located within 150 metres of the property. There's also a personal kitchen and a common kitchen available on the grounds if you love to cook with the market close by as well for groceries.

The views from inside the cottage alone are breathtaking but if you're feeling outdoorsy, you can head to Jibhi and visit Tirthan Valley with its pine forests and tranquil freshwater lakes. Or go check out Serolsar Lake  surrounded by a thick vegetation of alpine forests. There's also the Great Himalayan National Park and Jibhi waterfalls to spend your time.

Whether you wanna totally unplug from the world or just 'work from the mountains', this homestay is an ideal vacation spot to spend your summer and reconnect with your cheerful inner child.

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