From Jungles to Summits: Exploring 7 Dynamic Trekking Communities In Kolkata

7 premier trekking collectives in Kolkata for the adventurer in you.
7 premier trekking collectives in Kolkata for the adventurer in you.Travelogy India

Sitting on an office chair almost all day, it is difficult to awaken the inner adventurer in me. But I look back with fond nostalgia the time I would go trekking in the mountains, hiking along verdant forest trails and camping in an unknown place with a starry sky above me. While solo traveling certainly has its charms, I would always be surrounded by my comrades from Angan Chariye, a travelers’ club that I was a member of. Trekking in groups enhances the beauty of the journey by weaving together a tapestry of shared experiences and camaraderie. As each step resonates with laughter, conversations, and synchronized footfalls, the trail becomes more than just a physical path; it transforms into a conduit for building lasting connections. Today, we are going to explore trekking groups in Kolkata where you can find kindred adventurous spirits.

7 premier trekking collectives in Kolkata for the adventurer in you.
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I. Angan Chaariye

It should be no surprise that my personal favorite is at the very top of the list. The name of the group is in Bengali which translates to “Stepping away from home.’ The group endeavors to foster a profound connection between nature and the youth. With the intention of cultivating such mindfulness, Angan Chaariye orchestrates frequent nature study camps and workshops, coupled with exhilarating pursuits like rock climbing and various adventure sports. In addition, they also curate invigorating trekking experiences. The idea that drives them is to empower participants to become self-reliant and conscientious citizens of tomorrow, a transformation facilitated through an exploration of the natural world. This multifaceted approach not only serves to rejuvenate and alleviate the burdened mind but also imparts valuable lessons in harmonious coexistence.

Located at 81/C Rishi Bankim Sarani

Serampore, Hooghly, PIN-712201

Contact: 9433640517, 9830236915


II. Climbers Circle

Pioneering mountaineering expeditions and exploration since 1977, Climbers Circle is renowned for its relentless commitment to mountaineering endeavors and discovery across India. With a dedicated pursuit of research, organization, and active participation, the members possess a wealth of knowledge about remote terrains and challenging routes. Unlike conventional trekking groups, membership warmly welcomes all fervent mountaineering enthusiasts.

Based at 1923 Chatra Samity, Raja Subodh Mullick Square, Kolkata

Contact: 99329 43654

III. South Kolkata Trekkers Association

Established in 1983 as a modest assembly of friends fueled by a passion for modern-day mountaineering, the South Kolkata Trekkers Association has grown into an essential hub for mountaineering pursuits. Whether conquering peaks, trekking through mountains, or camping in the heart of jungles, the association's activities emanate an enduring allure. From Trekking to Climbing, and Rock Climbing, this group orchestrates remarkable expeditions, undoubtedly a must-join for enthusiasts in the city.

Located at 14 Chakraberia Lane, Kolkata

Contact: 9830068404


IV. Youth Hostel Association of India Adventure Club

The Youth Hostel Association of India, a Non-Profit organization, offers an array of unique accommodations spanning 4500 picturesque destinations across 90 countries. The association extends captivating adventure and trekking programs, including Family Adventures, Training Camps, and Trekking escapades set in Darjeeling, Jim Corbet, Sandakphu, and more.

Situated at 40B Gokul Baral Street, Kolkata

Contact: 033-22257058

7 premier trekking collectives in Kolkata for the adventurer in you.
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V. Himalayas Beckon

The group stands as a prominent entity within the realm of mountaineering promotion and adventure activities, both in West Bengal and across the nation. This Registered Mountaineering Organization boasts affiliation with the West Bengal Mountaineering & Adventure Sports Foundation. Its offerings encompass a blend of Adventure-cum-Nature Study, Rock Climbing Courses, High Altitude Himalayan Treks, Expeditions, Seminars, and captivating slide shows.

Located at 62, B.B. Ganguly Street, Kolkata

Contact: 9434563791

VI. Diganta Calcutta

Affiliated with the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (Ministry Of Defence), Diganta Calcutta has etched its name as a stalwart in the field of Mountaineering. Since 1974, the club has orchestrated a plethora of successful High Altitude Trekking programs and Expeditions. A standout among trekking groups, Diganta Calcutta annually conducts Rock Climbing and Camping courses, nurturing aspiring young adventurers and acquainting them with the realms of Mountaineering.

Find out more here.

VII. Himalayan Nature and Adventure Foundation

HNAF, a distinguished voluntary non-government organization headquartered in Siliguri, West Bengal, and affiliated with the Indian Mountaineering Foundation, New Delhi, fervently promotes adventure sports, environmental awareness, and biodiversity conservation. The foundation orchestrates diverse initiatives ranging from camping and trekking to mountaineering, adventure courses, social work, relief and rescue operations, nature and environmental education, bird watching, surveying, awareness campaigns, and wildlife conservation.