Unique Homegrown Tour & Travel Companies Perfect For Women & Solo Travelers

Unique Homegrown Tour & Travel Companies Perfect For Women & Solo Travelers

Don’t you sometimes feel like just booking a one-way ticket to a favorite or even an unknown place and taking a much-needed vacation? I know, I do. However, traveling is not that simple. It requires careful planning, notifying your employers, organizing your documents, packing, booking tickets, and accommodations. Also, in this day and age, one has to also ensure safety before traveling to an unknown place. Thankfully, there are some friendly travel companies that will take care of all the hassle so that you can enjoy a carefree fun adventure on your next vacation. Today we are going to look at a few wonderful and unique travel companies that cater primarily to the needs of women and solo travelers.

I. Wovoyage

Wovoyage is a women-friendly travel company. If you are a woman and wary of traveling alone, Wovoyage can help you explore the diversity of the Indian continent. Women-friendly accommodations and transport help contribute towards their goal of women empowerment, making travel for women easier and smoother. The agency offers one-day tours and weekend tours to the most exciting places. If you are looking for a more adventurous and extended vacation, try their trekking tours for an amazing journey through the hills of Kasol, Rishikesh, and Mcleodganj, amongst others.

Website: https://www.wovoyage.com/

Contact: +91 9911194194

Packages Start at INR 4500

Regions Covered: Golden Triangle, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, South India, and more

II. Wandering Jane

This agency also organizes tours and travels specifically for women. They organize solo as well as group trips to destinations within and outside India. They offer trips designed not only over a route but also over thematic activities. The most popular locations include Goa, Meghalaya, Kerala, Himachal, Ladakh, Bali, and Singapore. The Fitness Retreat that it offers is one of its most unique itineraries. These trips sometimes feature celebrity experts to add more excitement to your holiday experience.

Website: https://wanderingjane.com/

Contact: +91 9986565263 (also available on WhatsApp)

Packages Start at INR 25000

Regions Covered: Singapore, Goa, Bali, Kerala, Meghalaya, and more

III. Jugni

If you want to travel alone, away from family and friends, and want to meet more solo travelers like yourself, Jugni is your ideal traveling guide. While you can make friends with the people in your group, you can still enjoy the privilege of traveling alone. Jugni organizes short tours ranging from 4 to 9 days. Tour packages include a wide category of trips, whether you are a party animal or a quiet nature lover. Travel across India as well as many international destinations, in all various mediums of transport, and make the most out of every trip.

Website: https://www.jugni.co.in/

Contact: +91 9811454591

Packages Starting at: INR 14600

Regions Covered: Himachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Sri Lanka, Leh-Ladakh, Vietnam, and more

IV. India Untravelled

This travel agency is the most unique in the sense that not many groups offer truly rural retreats. It takes you through its itinerary to places uncommon and not part of the general touristy route. This group operates only within India. The destinations it covers include Delhi, Spiti Valley, Rajasthan, Kerala, Darjeeling, Sikkim, and Kumaon. The accommodation options include homestays and farm stays. These regions do not see the influx of the usual tourist destinations, thus creating space for a more candid and open interaction with the locals.

Website: https://www.indiauntravelled.com

Email: sifti@indiauntravelled.com

Regions Covered: Kumaon, Sikkim, Goa, Spiti, and more

V. F5 escapes

This is another group that offers both mixed and all-women trips at the most affordable rates. This group is the perfect choice for a budget holiday with zero compromises on things to do and the facilities offered. The combinations offered in terms of locations and itineraries are truly wonderful. Hampi, Agumbe, Saleshpur, Andaman Islands, Meghalaya, Kinnaur, Bushar, and Sangla constitute some of its most common choices in destinations.

Website: https://www.f5escapes.com/

Email: hello@f5escapes.com

Contact: +91 8047091759

Packages Start at INR 600

Regions Covered: Madhugiri, Kinnaur, Sikkim, Spiti, and more

VI. Women On Wanderlust 

A community led by a women’s travel expert Sumitra Senapaty inspires all women travel to over 50 destinations all around the world. The venture started in the summer of 2005, when Sumitra decided to put her energy and passion to start a Club that would encourage women to travel along with the security that group travel provides. Their trips are known for being offbeat, unusual and of course memorable.

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VII. Wander Womaniya 

A travel company that organises solo and group tours for women, Wander Womaniya believes in providing a safe, secure, and healthy travel experience for all women. The team understands that there are many unwanted problems and situations that come with women led trips in India and hence try to eliminate these for you. If you are hoping to travel with your own girlfriends then they can also organise your personal trip too as per dates, budget and choice of destination.

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